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Public Toilet in Paris, info and map

Whether it is your first time in Paris or not, the information about where to find a public toilet in Paris might always be useful!


When you explore Paris, you walk a lot even if you take transports. Museums, parks and shopping areas are huge, and during the day you may need to need to go to a lavatory or at least a toilet. In Paris, you will find lots of free public toilets that are usually as clean as possible!


Even if it is better to go to the restrooms of cafés or museums, if you don’t want this to take too long, you can just stop at the public toilets of the city!


And, if you need to ask information about it, note that in French they are called sanisettes.



How to use Paris public toilet

Even if it is very easy to imagine how to use Paris public toilets once you are inside, here the instructions on how to get in, and about how to use a public toilet in Paris.


  •  If it is free, you just have to press the access button. Once you have entered, the door automatically closes behind you. If the public bathroom is not free, you will have to insert a coin, and then press the button.


  • After you have done, you just have to open the door and exit.

Once you get out, the toilet is cleaned and disinfected automatically. When you can use it again, a green light appears.



Public bathrooms in Paris, info to knowpublic toilet sanisettes paris

There is some information about public bathrooms in Paris that are good to know!

  •  Free public toilets in Paris opening hours are from 10 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 6.15 pm. 150 of them are open 24/7 anyway. You will always find a public bathroom to go to!


  • If the public toilet is not what you are looking for, because you need a lavatory, you can go the ones that are usually close to public buildings, and tourist landmarks. Lavatories of Paris are open from 10 am to 12 pm, and from 1 pm to 6.15 pm.


  • People with disabilities must go in the newest ones since the oldest models are not easily accessible with a wheelchair.


  • The doors automatically open after 15 minutes. You won’t be stuck in, and you will have enough time!


Maps of public toilets in Paris

If you want to know where to find a free public toilet in Paris, what it takes is to know the exact location. Especially if you are already too tired to walk around to find one. Save this page to know which are the locations of public toilets in Paris the faster you can! Instead of looking for ‘public toilets near me’, you can have a special map.


The map to find a public toilet in Paris


…you always find a toilet to go to, in Paris! 😆