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First Time in Paris: FAQs and Tips

F irst time in Paris? Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions – also known as FAQs – about it!

If you are in Paris for the first time, you may have questions about where to stay, an itinerary to follow and tips for visitors and travelers from any corner of the world.


I will give you the answers to the FAQs about the first time in Paris!


First time in Paris, answers to the FAQs


  • Where to stay?
    accommodation on the seine

    Accommodations in Paris

    When you plan your first time in Paris, you may ask yourself which is the best area to stay. Mostly if you are alone!
    If you look for a short rental apartment, be sure to stay in one of the best accommodations in Paris.




  • What about transports?
    paris transports

    Transports in Paris

    You may have lots of questions about transports whether if you are for the first time in Paris situation or not. It could be useful to know something about Paris transports at night, and transports pass.




  • Money in Paris: should you have a Visa?
    Check with the appropriate consulate or embassy in your country to find out if you will need a visa to visit the country of your destination, especially for an extended time. Some countries have extremely detailed and complicated entry/departure laws and treat visits of a week or two very differently from longer stays.



  • Should I start saving my money?
    If you’re traveling to one area, check the cost of living there. If it’s high you’ll probably want to budget more carefully and save some money before leaving. The lower the cost of living the less you’ll have to save, but be sure to have a backup reserve in emergency cases.



disneyland paris

Disneyland Paris Guide

  • How can I get to Disneyland? And where can I collect more information about that?
    Disneyland Paris Guide is about the most famous amusement park in the world! From how to get there to ticket prices and events.




  • “What should I avoid to visit in Paris?”
    If you really want to visit something, who am I to say that’s not worthy? Anyway, if you aren’t in Paris for a long stay, I strongly recommend avoiding activities like going on the top of the Eiffel Tower. Even if it’s simple to go in that area, the queue to go on top is always long and not fast! Whether you are for the first time in Paris or not!








  • What can I do for free in Paris?

    paris attractions for free

    Paris for free

    You can take a look at the top 20 things to do in Paris for free! Hence, it is useful information to know, whether you are for the first time in Paris or not!





  • Should I but travel insurance to Paris?

    travel insurance to paris

    Travel Insurance to Paris

    If you are traveling from EU countries, I suggest going to your local health authority and ask for your European Health Insurance Card. If you are traveling overseas, buying travel insurance is a good idea. When you book your stay with a credit card, you may have it already included!




Is Paris safe to visit in 2020?
Fires, and Coronavirus updates

Is Paris safe to visit? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by who is coming for the first time in Paris.
Unpleasant events happen everywhere. First of all, in every-day life, Paris is sure because of the several controls. You will notice it immediately once you are in the city! Even given that, there are news you should be posted about.


  • Fires and strikes
    Even if Paris is generally safe, its bigness is the guaranty of disagrees between its citizens and inhabitants. Due to it, strikes happen all the time. Also, fires as a protest are frequent. One of the latest cases is the one at the Gare de Lyon. The fire in Paris train station has been started because of some people who attacked the rapper Fally Ipupa. Anyway, the situation has been normalized in a few hours.


  • Coronavirus and other contagious diseases
    As the rest of the world, Paris is wrestling again Coronavirus. For the reason that it is a contagious disease, you have to pay attention to others too, it is good to keep ourselves posted consulting reliable sources. Hence, you will know how to behave, since you will understand how the French government is managing Coronavirus. Right now, people who are in self-quarantine are those who traveled in China, Hong Kong, and South Corea in the latest months.



Tips on Paris


  • Talk to other people who have done a similar trip!
    If you don’t know anyone personally, try any of the dozens of online travel web sites full of first-person travel stories covering every possible type of trip.


  • paris weather 2020

    Wheater in Paris in 2020

    Plan big and loose and read everything you can about what you are going to see in Paris!
    There may be sights and attractions you didn’t know about. A rough outline of your trip might have three or four target points and a variety of ways to get between them. You don’t want to find out that the weather isn’t what you thought, or the guide book was incorrect, after committing to 6 weeks in a specific spot. Be ready by knowing how is Paris weather in 2020!
    For example, some trips will allow you more leeway than others. Travel plans in Asia can often be made day-by-day while summer travel in Europe should be organized at least a few weeks ahead unless you’re prepared to hunt around for hotel rooms and train seats.


public toilet sanisettes paris

Public toilets in Paris

  • If you will need a public toilet in Paris, you will probably pay 0.50 € to enter. Remember that floor numbers aren’t the same as U.S. ones. In Europe, we have ground floor/floor 0. It is the corresponding of the 1st floor in the U.S.!



French expressions contact

Useful French Expressions


  • Take always small change with you


  • For your safety, provide your travel insurance.