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Puns about crepes and macarons

macaronsIf you can’t resist taking a picture of a special meal you are going to eat, you may need some ideas to write an original caption! Before sharing my favorite puns about 2 French desserts, I must introduce them a little bit.

Once you come to Paris, you immediately understand that you can’t resist the delicious desserts you can find especially here. My favorite ones are macarons and crepes. Even if macarons are not traditionally French, they have become very popular in Paris in the past decades. Both macarons and crepes are two of the French foods to taste in Paris. Take a picture of the original ones, and beware of imitations.

If you would like to share your steps in the knowledge of the French desserts with your follower, choose to make it funnier using puns! If you choose one of the above, let us know by tagging @parisrentapartments in your caption or in a comment.


Puns about macarons

Here are some selected good puns to pair with your pictures about macarons, some of the most instagrammable desserts!


  • I’m a macaron in a cookie-cutter world


  • Life is like a box of macarons


  • I love you like a French kid loves macarons


  • Macarons for breakfast


  • Life is like macarons, it’s always full of color


  • Love and macarons are all you need


  • Life is short… eat more macarons



Puns about crepes

Here are some ideas about fun puns to pair with your pictures of the delicious crepes you can only taste in Paris!


  • Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes


  • French people give me the crepes…


  • Not all heroes wear crepes


  • I get a crepe for the first time…


  • I don’t like thin pancakes…They just crepe me out.


  • I’m not sure I made these pancakes right! They taste a bit crepe…


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