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Puns and quotes about the Seine

There is no chance you go to Paris and forget to see the Seine! The river crosses the city from its very center, and it is one of the most striking places in Paris.

I always suggest taking a cruise on the Seine to take a look at the city from a different perspective. Also, you can learn a lot about the city thank to the qualified guides by joining a tour.

Once you take a walk along the river or you decide to take a cruise, take a picture to remember that moment forever! If you decide to post it on your social media, you may want to collect some ideas to get the best caption Seine-themed. Here some!


Puns about the Seine

Even if it may sound strange making puns about the Parisian river, Instagram captions about in-Seine-ity are used a lot! Since it is not the most original pun, I propose some examples you can tailor according to your shot. This way, you will give your imprinting to the final result!


  • If it fell into the river it would be in Seine


  • If you fall into a river in Paris…you’re in Seine!


  • They want to open a floating cinema in Paris with drive-in boats.


  • If I fell into the river that flows through Paris…
    …am I legally in Seine?


Quotes about the Seine

The Seine is one of the most evocative places in Paris. This is one of the reasons why you can find tons of quotes about the Seine! Here I propose a selection of those who go straight to the point, isolating the words that make you instantly feel the Parisian atmosphere of the Seine.


Paris is the only city where you can step out of a railway station β€” and see, the Seine with its bridges and bookstalls, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Tuileries Gardens, the Place de la Concorde, the beginning of the Champs Elyseesβ€”what other city offers as much as you leave a train? (Margaret Anderson)



A veiled Mind is more enticing than all the nude men lining up the Seine, during Summer. (AainaA Ridtz)



So quietly flows the Seine that one hardly notices its presence. It is always there, quiet and unobtrusive, like a great artery running through the human body. (Henry Miller)


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