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Taking a cruise on the Seine after the lockdown

Taking a cruise on the Seine is finally a thing again! After facing the emergency due to the COVID-19 situation, France is gradually coming back to normality. But, that does not mean that there aren’t new rules to respect. Social distancing and masks are still mandatory in many places – especially museums.


Even if day after day there is always better news, there are still many risks we run when we go outside. That is why there are so many new rules about preventing the spreading of Coronavirus. Anyway, if you have always dreamed to take a cruise on the Seine, now you can make it come true! After the lockdown, every activity is coming back to everyday life and that is for cruises too.



A cruise on the Seine, after the lockdown

Taking a cruise on the Seine is a much-loved activity by every traveler in Paris. But, it is something Parisians love to do as well! It is one of the unique ways to look at Paris. When you cross the city on a ship, you explore it from its very center. The Seine almost splits the city in two. That is why it is so special to look at Paris while crossing it!


From July 1, 2020, it will be possible to take cruises on the Seine again. It is what Arnaud Daniel, deputy director-general of both Batobus and Bateaux Parisiens companies declarated. Everybody hopes that there will not be so many tourists who would like to take a cruise in the very middle of Paris. That is because ships are not so many, and since only 60% of the seat can be occupied, guarantee social distancing, the situation is complex.


Given the current situation, to prevent risks, Batobus and Bateaux Parisiens companies have introduced a strict health protocol. That is why they cut off by half the number of passengers on every boat. Also, facemasks will be mandatory during the duration of the trip.


The alternative proposed by the same companies is new packages. Besides the classic cruise, you can choose among the cruise-champagne for the aperitif, or the “boat-restaurant” providing burgers from Corsica, Brittany, or Occitanie. These last options will be choosable from July 7, 2020.