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Selected Podcasts about Paris

Listening to podcasts about Paris is one of the best ways to visit Paris from home. Many of them are the chance to know better the French culture, while others focus on more specific topics. Anyway, every podcast about Paris is the possibility to learn to watch the city through unique perspectives.

The net is stuffed with products about Paris! That is why I always try to propose selected content. Here is the top 5 of the best podcasts about Paris.


Podcasts about Paris, top 5



  • If you would like to improve your knowledge of the history of Paris, you may try to listen to the history of the city from a foreign point of view. The Australian journalist Oliver Gee is the creator of The Earful Tower, a podcast about Paris and its neighborhoods. Following Oliver Gee is the chance to look at Paris through the walk and scooter shots!


  • “Faux Pas-Cast” is another podcast about Paris by expatriates. 2 American actresses, Jennifer Geraghty and Mollie Laylin discuss taboo topics every week. The plus is that they often invite special guests!


  • The New Paris is a podcast about Paris hosted by two writers, Alice Cavanagh and Lindsey Tramuta. Through The New Paris podcast, you will learn a lot about modern life and Parisian culture, and you will also listen to special guests.


  • Foodies can’t skip the podcast about Paris named Paris Paysanne. It is a podcast about French food and wine led by Emily Dilling, journalist and cookbook author. Emily is already famous for her reviews and articles about new restaurants and gastronomic trends in Paris. Listen to her about French food is a must!
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