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September 2020, exhibitions to visit

Visiting Paris in September is a good idea. You get the best weather since days are still sunny with a pleasant temperature average. You are even in time to go to the Paris plages, the artificial beaches along the banks of the River Seine.

During the early days of September, you can see how the entire city come back to work after a short summer break in August. This September 2020, Paris offers many exhibitions to go to. Besides the biggest museums like the Louvre, in this city art is in so many different places. Even if you are not the most passionate art-lover of the world, in Paris, you always find at least one exhibition that is about one thing you love.

Since events in Paris are always a lot, I like to select the ones that I think stands out the most. Here are the exhibitions to visit if you are coming to Paris in September 2020.


Exhibitions to visit in Paris in September 2020

Until September 27, you can visit On Love, the exhibition at Palais de la découverte, in Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt in Paris. You will admire many artworks love-themed by exploring one of the most beautiful palaces in Paris.

Paris is also known all over the world as the city of love. This September 2020, you can visit another exhibition about love! “Hearts. Romanticism in contemporary art” will take place until the 13rd in the Musée de la Vie Romantique, in the historical palace Hotel Scheffer-Renan. The full address is 16 rue Chaptal, Paris.

If your dream is to visit an exhibition of a private collection, go to the Musée du qua Brainly. Until September 27, you have the chance to see Helena Rubinstein’s collections. The famous businesswoman’s collection is now open to the public.