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Taking a bath near Paris

Summer is coming in Paris too! If you are going to spend part of Summer here, take a look at where to take a bath during the hottest days.

In Paris, there is no sea. Yet you still have the possibility to go to the beach! Here’s how.

Going to a natural beach in Paris is impossible. You have to go a few miles away.
If you prefer to stay in the city, go to Paris plages. Paris plages are artificial beaches along the Seine.


Where to take a bath near Paris

  • Deauvilleparis beach bathing
    Deauville is one of the favorite destinations for bathing near Paris. It takes about 150 minutes to get to Deauville by car. In addition to some of the most loved beaches, Deauville is one of the most popular French destinations for casinos and luxury resorts.




  • Trouvilleparis beach bathing
    Trouville is another landmark for those who are looking for the most beautiful beaches near Paris. It is a small part of Deauville but it is less crowded with tourists. It is about 150 minutes away from Paris.




    • Honfleurparis beach bathing

Honfleur is a seaside town in Normandy, in Northern France. I suggest going there if you would like to see a lovely picturesque harbor landscape. You can also take a bath on the beach at the entrance of the city. It is fully equipped, including showers, changing rooms, a playground for children, and free parking.



    • Varengeville Sur Merparis beach bathing
      Even if you stay in the center of Paris, it takes 2 hours to go to Varengeville Sur Mer. As you may guess by the name, in this place you can see amazing views of the sea. The crystal-clear water beach is framed by nature.




    • Le Crotoy
      paris beach bathingThis beach is a 150-minutes distance from Paris as well. It is the perfect place to go to if you are looking for somewhere uncrowded. Here you also have the possibility to taste delicious typical cuisine based on local products.