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Where to buy jewelry in Paris

paris jewlesParis is the Mecca of fashion victims. The Parisian style is famous all over the world, and people from everywhere always try to catch the secret of the French charm.

Sometimes, just a detail – let’s say a jewel – can make your outfit more Parisian! Once you are in the city, you may buy that accessory that makes you feel you’re wearing something unique.

Here are the fundamentals for those who are looking for where to buy jewelry in Paris.


Where are jewelry boutiques in Paris

If you had in mind something classic, you can’t miss the chance to go to Cartier’s, in Place Vandome. In the same area, you can see many others jewelry boutiques.

Rue du Mont Thabor is known to be the district of the famous Paris jewelers. This street, close to the famous rue St Honoré, is very chic. I suggest you go to “White Bird” to buy high-quality jewelry at affordable prices. White Bird sells earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in a Parisian style. Do you know the famous book about the Parisian style by Inès de La Fressange? In Rue du Mont Thabor you will probably meet many examples of Parisiennes.

Le Marais is another mandatory step for those who are looking for the best Paris jewelry boutiques. I suggest you go to “Studio W” to buy vintage jewelry and to take always a look around to small artisan windows.

Corpus Christi is in Le Marais as well. It is a tiny boutique where you can buy gold jewels in a gothic or minimal style. Go up Rue Vieille du Temple to go to Anna Rivka’s shop where she sells her creations inspired by ancient Greece.

Last but not least, Clio Blue in Sant Germain sells bijoux in all styles. Aurélie Bidermann, a young Parisian designer of necklace with feathers and peculiar bracelets, has her shop in St Germain as well.