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Where to buy shoes in Paris

shoes in parisWhere to buy shoes in Paris? Here is my list of the top places where you can get the best deals for 100% Parisian shoes.

Even if you are not a fashion victim, you’ll see shopping in Paris is a must once you get here, trust me.




Paris, where to buy shoes

Here is a list of the top 3 places where to buy the best shoes in Paris.


  • Customize your shoes
    If you would like to buy a “crazy” pair of shoes, possibly the most original one, go to the Atelier in Rue Lepic. It is in Montmartre, in the hilly area of the city. There, you can order your customized model of shoes. You will choose the combination of materials, shapes, and colors of your Parisian shoes. Or, you can also choose from the collection of flats, sandals, and boots.


  • The shoes of the Opéra
    Once you are in Montmartre looking for a 100% Parisian pair of shoes, I suggest going to Clairvoy. It is a laboratory of Edouard Clairvoy, a shoe virtuoso. His legacy is perpetuated by his daughter Chantal. This shop still represents quality and design. That is why only here you can find the shoes worn by the artists of the Opéra and of the Cirque du Soleil!


  • Luxury shoes
    If you would like to buy a pair of luxury shoes in Paris, go straight to Delage. It is the creator of timeless models who sells luxury shoes in the heart of the city, next to the Jardins du Palais Royal. Delage is the possibility to wear noble and rare leather shoes. It is the place where you can actually wear shoes made with iguana, crocodile, ostrich, and shark leathers. Aren’t you curious to have a glance? Go at no. 159-161 of the Galeries de Valois, and look at the selection of customizable luxury materials, and soles.