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Where to stay in Paris on the right bank

paris river cruiseAre you looking for suggestions about finding the perfect accommodation in Paris with a certain budget? Take a look at these recommendations, and choose the perfect area for you!

Finding the perfect accommodation in Paris is possible! Start by choosing where you would like to stay.

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Where to stay in Paris, on the rive droite (right bank of the Seine)

If you are looking for a central district, with many open restaurants in the evening, a first hypothesis is the 11eme arrondissement. All its neighborhoods are full of restaurants and cultural attractions. Staying in this arrondissement will allow you to reach many places on foot or real quickly with transports.

The nearby 12eme arrondissement is another interesting neighborhood. Staying between Bercy, or close to the Gare de Lyon area will be perfectly fine. In arrondissement 12 there are restaurants for all budgets and the neighborhood is very quiet.

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The areas of Bastille and Nation (not very far from each other), are real crossroads of arrondissements. These squares respectively border three arrondissements each: the 11eme, the 12eme, and the 3eme (the lower Marais) in the case of Bastille; and the 11eme, the 12eme, and the low 20ème in the case of Nation. Both absolutely recommended places if you wonder where to stay in Paris in the summer.

The more the available budget increases, the easier it is to find accommodation in the central areas of the city. For example, the first four arrondissements of Paris could represent an ideal solution. They are slightly more expensive than the other districts but these charming areas will seduce you with their Parisian authenticity!

With a higher budget, it is possible to move further near Opéra, or Saint Lazare. Consider also looking for accommodation towards Ternes, Rome, or even near the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées.

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