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Which is the Best Jazz Club in Paris?

Paris has always had a strong affinity with jazz and jazz blubs. Now, this is part of the cultural heritage of Paris as much as art, philosophy, and literature.
This is not a faded relic of the past. Jazz is an as flourishing form of art and its freedom-love soul keeps on living today.

There are many places in Paris where it is possible to listen to this genre in all its variations, between the most traditional to the most modern ones,
here a list of the best jazz clubs in the capital. Feel free to recommend to me which ones you think are the bests!


Sunset Sunside

Because of its sober exterior, this small and cozy jazz club passes easily unnoticed.

Despite the first appearance it is an authentic jewel of the Parisian music scene and worth a visit.

The magnificent vaulted lounge, dimly lit, gives it an intimate setting, and the audience is so close that the interaction becomes instinctive,
you could even be invited on stage to dance!

The room is particularly lively at the weekend, animated by young couples and friends enjoying the relaxing jazz vibes.


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Duc des Lombards

World-class artists like Kenny Barron and Ahmad Jamal play here. The sound system is among the best of all the jazz clubs of the capital.

Food and drink are top-notch, moreover, the renovation is classy, though it is a bit different from its original 80s look.

This is the jazz club to go to Paris if you’re looking for a trendy jazz moment.



Baiser Salé

This jazz club is characterized by a simple all-wood decor that makes viewers feel like in an old Louisiana jazz joint.

Although high-level musicians come from the UK and the US to play here, the cost for listening a talented quartet is usually only around 3 euros.

People don’t come here to look for a refined decor, rather listen to good music that here, thanks to the unamplified acoustics of the
local, from the instrument, reaches the audience that absorbs the vibrations in a, particularly direct way.



Jazz Club Etoile

This jazz club has been recently refurbished. It is near the Meridien Etoile hotel. The decor combines vintage and modern and the clientele is an interesting mix of jazz enthusiasts and hotel guests.
Thanks to the successful artistic atmosphere and subtle lighting it manages to be intimate even if spacious enough.
It is the ideal place to listen to the cream of French and international jazz.


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New Morning

This jazz club opened in 1981. It was defined by Prince as his favorite place in Paris, where he often performed in surprise after shows.

The interior of the club is not particularly chic, but what makes the atmosphere special is the audience crowding round the stage.

The venue can accommodate 500 people and does not only hosts jazz music.


Caveau de la Huchette

This jazz club was an execution room. Today the Caveau de la Huchette is one of the best clubs for those who love jazz music.

It is an eccentric place that focuses mainly on the jazz of the 1920s. In the post-war period, all the great jazz artists have performed here and still, today maintain his heritage with the contemporary line-up.


38 Riv jazz club

In this medieval-looking underground club located a few steps from Notre Dame it seems to be back in the ’50s or’ 60s.

Since there is no stage the people are close to the band and this makes the air particularly sociable and engaging.

The local consists of two adjacent rooms dedicated to music and bar and offers a wide range of styles: traditional, modern, bossa nova,
gypsy and more.


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Jazz Café Montparnasse

Located on the left side of the Seine, not far from the Montparnasse tower.
During its 30 years of history, it has welcomed the most famous jazz musicians in the world.

Here good food and live music meet and the recent renovation make it a particularly elegant and comfortable place.

Other highlights are the outdoor terrace, perfect for the summer months, and the fact that the concerts are free.