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Why booking a short rentals apartment in Paris

short rentals parisWhy are more and more people deciding to spend their vacations in short rentals accommodation? What does it offer more than a hotel?

Why choosing short rentals accommodation

People are changing their concept of vacation, and they prefer staying in a short rentals apartment more often. But why? According to the researches, people say that they prefer a new type of vacation, better if autonomous, local, and close to the reality of the place where they are going. All of this is almost impossible to have in a hotel!


Even if hotels offer all the services you may need during your stay in Paris, they offer standard services and rooms, equal in almost every part of the world. You can’t fully live the Parisian atmosphere in such a situation.


Thanks to the Internet, you can choose among hundreds of short rental apartments to book in full autonomy, sometimes even bypassing travel agencies. Staying in a short rents home is the possibility to better understand the local traditions and habits. You can even better understand which are the peculiarities of the area where you are going to stay. This type of accommodation is the possibility to merge yourself in the local culture without giving up comforts. Most of the short rentals accommodations we propose come with all comforts!


Another plus of choosing short rentals apartment is the possibility to have a relation with a local. The people who welcome you in the apartments are usually ready to give all the advice you need about the city. They will surely recommend places and attractions not to be missed!


If you would like to live in Paris like a local, choosing an independent apartment is the best solution. You can cook how and when you want, and there are no time limitations.


Short rentals are the perfect solution also for families with children!



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