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Arrondissement 17, culture and shopping

Arrondissement 17 used to be a really quiet and residential one. Now, it is one of the most lively! You can find lots of artists and people of all ages that go there to enjoy their spare time in cafès and bistros. In addition, this is an area where you can go to the other attractions of the city.

This is the perfect arrondissement to visit for art lovers.

Here you can admire lots of Haussmannian buildings!

It is a good destination for shopping lovers too! You can do all the activities you prefer without giving up the possibility to experience an authentic Parisian day.


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Why walk in Arrondissement 17

Arrondissement 17 is where lots of great artists such as painters and writers lived. For example Manet, Verlain, Zola, Simenon, and Brel. When you go there, you see all the places that inspired them so much.

Plus, the arrondissement XVII is the one where you can find lots of typical markets. Have you ever heard about the flowers one? If you go to Batignolles, you will breathe the most authentic Parisian atmosphere.

Another thing that I like is that there are lots of areas where cars are not allowed to go. You can walk quietly through roads full of big and small boutiques, atelier, laboratories. If you want to have a good starting point, note down Rue de Lévis!


Arrondissement 17, districts and metro stations

When you go in arrondissement 17, remember that the main districts are Ternes, Plaine-de-Monceaux, Batignolles and Epinettes. Some of them are very close to arrondissement 16. From there you can easily reach Place de l’Etoile or the Arch of Triumph. For more details, read the article about arrondissement 16!

If you want to go to the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris by metro, note down its stations. For example, some are Argentine, Brochant, Courcelles, Guy Moquet. La Fourche, Malesherbes, Monceau, Pereire are useful foo.

You can also get off at Pereire, Place de Clichy, Porte de Champerret, Porte de Saint-Ouen and Porte Maillot. Alternatives are Rome, Ternes, Villiers, Wagram.

arrondissement 17 maps

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