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Arrondissement 12, A Parisian Experience

The arrondissement 12 is a very quiet area of Paris. It is perfect if you like to walk in big green areas or if you like to go to the markets.

This area of the city is very important because it is the place where were found the most ancient witnesses of humans. Plus, if you do like architecture, don’t miss the chance to go to the Gare de Lyon. It is a belle-epoque style station. When you go there you find all the peculiarities of this charming style. Plus, it is one of the most important stations in the city. Very useful if you have to take the RER.

What I like about this arrondissement is that in here you can do lots of things that Parisians do. That’s because it is not very touristic, so you can breathe a more authentic atmosphere.

In Arrondissement 12, you live like a local!

Arrondissement 12 and Parisian experiences

If you are in arrondissement 12 and you are looking for an experience that makes you feel like a Parisian, living like a local, here what is perfect for you. In this arrondissement, there is the Marché d’Aligre. It’s a market that includes three smaller markets. In the Market d’Aligre, you can find the bread of all types, cheese, fish. You can also find something that you can already eat so you don’t have to cook. It is a must-see for foodies. Parisians refer to this market too. If you want to go to the Aligre market go to rue d’Aligre. It is near to rue du Faubourg and rue de Charenton. These are very important streets and they are good to see too!

Another activity that Parisians love so much is to walk in the gardens of the city. Arrondissement 12 is rich in gardens such as the Arsenal one, Bercy, the one in Boulevard Carnot, the Hector-Malor, the Vincennes wood. The one that I like is Promenade plantée. It is a street where you can walk between the trees.


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Arrondissement 12, metro stations and districts

The main districts of arrondissement 12 are Bel-Air, Picpus, Bercy, Quinze-Vingts. There are lots of metro stations which you can refer to go in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. Bastille, Bel-Air, Bercy, Chateau de Vincennes, Cour Saint-Emilion. Plus, Daumensil, Dugommier, Faidherbe – Chaligny. Don’t forget Ledru-Rollin, Gare de Lyon.

Other useful metro stations are Michel Bizot, Mintgallet, Nation, Picpus. Quai de la Rapèe and Reuilly – Diderot is good too.

There are many metro stations near the gates of the city such as Porte de Charenton, Porte de Vincennes, Porte Dorée.

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