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Category Archives: Arrondissements

Arrondissement 11, history and night-life
Arrondissement 11, history a...
If you would like to be in an area of Paris where you can know more about history without giving up night-life, discover arrondissement 11
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Arrondissement 10, lively places to go
Arrondissement 10, lively pl...
Arrondissement 10 is where you can eat variously and mett lots of people in very shabby-chic places. From here you can reach the most important stations too
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Arrondissement 9, what to do and accommodations
Arrondissement 9, what to do...
Arrondissement 9 is full of contradictions. Prestigious and elegant on one side, lively and wilde on the other. Why and at which metro station get off
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Arrondissement 8, Champs-Elysees and more
Arrondissement 8, Champs-Ely...
Arrondissement 8 is famous in all the world for Champs-Elysees. It has also other to offer such as amazing boutiques, café fully experience France!
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Arrondissement 7, attractions for culture lovers and accommodations
Arrondissement 7, attraction...
Find out why Arrondissement 7 is the area of Paris for culture lover and what are the hotel in Paris. Infos about districts and metro stations too
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Arrondissement 6 places to go and accommodations
Arrondissement 6 places to g...
Arrondissement 6 is the best to cross if you want to go in the most ancient cafés of Europe or you want to experience the authentich French lifestyle
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Arrondissement 5, where to go first
Arrondissement 5, where to g...
Arrondissement 5 is so special because of the Latin Quarter, the Pantheon, the churches, the museums, the market in rue Mouffetard...
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Arrondissement 4, the heart of Paris
Arrondissement 4, the heart ...
If you visit the arrondissement 4 of Paris, go to the most beautiful churches of the city and take a bateau from the islands!
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Arrondissement 3 attractions and accommodations
Arrondissement 3 attractions...
Arrondissement 3 is the area of the city where you can go to visit the Picasso Museum and then go shopping at the Enfants Rouges market.
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