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Arrondissement 20, a break from city centre

arrondissement 20Arrondissement 20 is one of the most residential of Paris. It is far from the city center but very well served by transports.

If you choose accommodation that is in this area, you can easily go to the centre anyway!

As the arrondissement 19, what is special about the arrondissement XX is that when you go there you can admire Paris from above. Plus, you can plan to go in the most periferic arrondissements if you want to take a break from the chaos of the centre of Paris.

Here you can enjoy the nature without being isolated. The fact that you are in a residential zone allows you to experience the authentic everyday life of lots of parisians.

Arrondissement 20, discover a very peculiar art

The arrondissement 20 is where the Pere-Lachaise cemetery is. In a very quiet and residential area of Paris, there is this huge cemetery where rest people like Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. There there are lots of French intellectuals, writers and artists.

Although it is rare to consider cemetery as an attraction, in Paris this happens because Pere-Lachaise propose itself as a place to admire nature and the funerary art together.

There is also a boutique where you can buy a special souvenir from there. Some of the graves are artwork and it is a very peacful place. Plus, you can go there to salute an artist or a writer that means sometarrondissement 20hing special for you.

Edith Piaf, Alain Bashung, Molière, Balzac, Colette, Proust, Chopin, Rossini. These are just some of the people that are most visitated in Pere-Lachaise.

Arrondissement 20, districts and metro stations

The main districts of arrondissement 20 are Belleville, Saint-Fargeau, Père-Lachais and Charonne. Beleville and Cuaronne were different cities but since 1860 they are part of Paris.

From the twentyeth arrondissement you can go to Saint-Mandé, Bagnolet, Montreuil and Lilas, towns near Paris.

The metro stations that you can take to go to this area of the city are many. Avron, Belleville, Buzenval, Couronnes, Gambetta and Jourdain. Then, Maraichers, Martin Nadaud, Ménilmontant, Pelleport and Père Lachaise.

Plus, Philippe Auguste, Porte de Bagnolet, Porte de Montreuil, Porte de Vincennes, Porte des Lilas. Others are Saint-Fargeau, Pyrenees and Télégraphe. These last ones are useful to visit arrondissement 19 too.

Do you have any advices for who is going to visit this arrondissement? Write it as a comment!

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