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Concerts and events in Paris on September 2019

Concerts and events in Paris on September 2019 in Paris are a lot!


That is why I collect the best ones for my readers! Concerts and events that take place in Paris on September 2019 are part of the best occasions of the year.

That is because, during September, you can admire Paris in its beautiful color shades. Also, you can take advantage of the weather – find out more about Paris Weather in September 2019 forecasts.

It is that time of the year during when you can walk around Paris all day long without suffering excessive hot or cold weather.


September is rich in events!

Concerts and events in Paris in September 2019

Among all the activities you can do, concerts and events in Paris in September 2019 are where I will go for sure! Here is a bunch of ideas on what you may want to do too, once you are in Paris.


  • Jazz à la Villette
    Until the 10th of September, there is the chance to listen to amazing jazz in Parc de la Villette, in the Cité de la Musique. Each day you can listen to the most classic jazz standards or most contemporary versions. Just think that you can find out which concerts in Paris to go in September 2019 just reading at one program! If you are into jazz, I strongly recommend taking a look at the Jazz Clubs in Paris.



  • Paris Design Week
    This is one of the most important events in Paris on September 2019. That is because from the 5th to the 14th of September you can admire showrooms, design and art galleries, stores and cultural institutions full in exceptional objects. Paris Design Week venues are about 150: that is why I recommend taking a look at the Paris Design Week official site.



  • Fede des Jardins a Paris
    During the 14th and the 15th of September, You can admire parks in Paris in such a different light. That is because, during those days, there is the Fete des Jardins! It literally stands for “Party of gardens”.  But, it means that private gardens are open to the public. And,  there are also concerts and events in so many gardens in Paris. Where I would go to celebrate this event? I suggest…the Tuileries!



  • Journees du Patrimoine
    Among events and concerts in Paris in September 2019 to go there are the European Heritage Days. In Paris, they are known as Journees du Patrimoine. It is an entire weekend, the third one of September, during when you can visit private locations, Paris monuments, city halls and Palaces with special tours or for free. Find out more about what to do in Paris for free!


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