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COVID-19 in Paris, rules for September 2022

coronavirus mona lisa covid 19As in every other corner of the world, Paris struggled with COVID-19 as well. The city is now back to life, but COVID-19 is still a thing. Here is which are the information you should know about the rules to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 in Paris before coming to the city.

COVID-19 in Paris, updated rules

Here is which are the latest rules about wearing facemasks in Paris, and the main information about getting a COVID-19 test.

Use of facemasks

Since May 16, 2022, it is no longer mandatory wearing facemasks. Even on public transport, you can go mask-free. It still is recommended.

Masks are no longer mandatory indoors as well since March 2022. You can avoid wearing facemasks in museums, monuments, and restaurants in Paris and throughout France.

Vaccination pass

The use of vaccination passes is suspended. You won’t need to prove you are vaccinated in restaurants and terraces. There are exceptions for room service in hotel restaurants and bars. You won’t need to wear a facemask to join fairs and trade shows. And, it is not mandatory to wear masks on long-distance journeys by inter-regional public transport (domestic flights, TGV journeys).

france covid

If you need a pass, and you are a non-European traveler, you can get one on your arrival in France. The certification must be requested in authorized pharmacies. You can find authorized pharmacies in international airports, and in Parisian stations.
This service costs around 35 euros.

Where can you take a COVID-19 test in Paris?

The price of an antigen test is 25 euros. An RT-PCR test cost 44 €. You can take a test in almost all pharmacies in the center of the city.

What to do if the test is positive?
If you have COVID-19 you must isolate yourself for 7 full days and call a doctor to be sure of what to do.