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COVID-19 travelling measures

Coronavirus airport measures france paris

If you have already booked your stay in Paris or in France but you are afraid because of the Coronavirus in Paris situation, here some information you can look at.


If you should have traveled to France or to Paris this year, this is the right time to change your plans. Even if the airport company in France provides all the information about the hygiene measures for COVID-19, the staff also recommend to fly around the world only if it is strictly necessary.


Airlines company can’t shut down and that means that sometimes they must maintain a flight schedule even if a Country is infected by Coronavirus.




Traveling measures to prevent Coronavirus spreading

Last update 4 May 2020

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented the new government’s deconfinement plan to the National Assembly on April 28. The Aéroports de Paris group is doing is best to welcome travelers as soon as possible.


Departures measures include:

  • Having an air trip certificate that states your health is good;
  • Temperature controls (for certain destinations only);
  • Mandatory facemasks;
  • Applying social distancing rules;
  • Closing all the places that are not necessary to the airport’s life;

Arrivals measures in France:

  • There will be control of the temperature using a thermal imaging camera and maybe other quick tests;
  • You will need to provide all the data to always be trackable.


Last update 14 April 2020

Here is the latest news about traveling measures for Coronavirus in France. On April 13, Emmanuel Macron communicated that the lockdown started on March 2020 will be lifted to May 11. The confinement will not be referred to as the Schengen area only. France will be confined until further notice.

As Elisabeth Borne, Minister of the Ecological Transition said:

 “Today is not the day to buy a ticket to fly to the other end of the world with all the incertitude we may have about what will the state of the epidemic be”.


 April 7 update

The latest news about the traveling measures about Coronavirus in France is not about single companies’ decisions but press releases that invite people to stay home the more they can.

Given the COVID-19 situation, every single Company has the right to decide if the transports managed may work or not. This means that moving around is still possible but you must have solid reasons and self-certification. People can still go back home by contacting the embassy of their Country. Anyway, the recommendation is to check that your travel is confirmed at every moment.


Airlines and Trains COVID-19 measures

While Jet2 has canceled every flight to France, other airline companies such as Easyjet, Ryanair, and British Airways are still working. But, you must read through the lines.

All of the companies that are still working are advising their passengers to change their flights to later dates. To encourage this process, they allow doing changes for free! They can’t just cancel all the flights: they must continue working encouraging people to think twice about how important is their travel. The Eurostar train company is applying the very same measures.

Traveling is still allowed if properly communicated to the authorities, but their staff really encourage people to make travel changes for free because of Coronavirus in Paris and in France.


If you must go to Paris during the Coronavirus spreading in France, you may need some information about transports. Are you going there by train? Eurostar released communication for their customers. All trains are circulating regularly. But, in case you have to change your travel plans, you can change your ticket into an E-voucher. It will be valid until 30 June 2020 and you can use it to book travel before 12 December 2020. More details on Eurostar official site.


Do you need to know EasyJet Covid-19 measures? The Company claims that flights are circulating regularly too. But, the company also invites people to always check if there are any updates. Flights destined to some Countries have restrictions until April. Pay extra attention if you must flight to Cyprus, Egypt, Maroc, Spain, and Italy. Other countries, such as France, offer the minimum amount of flights but with special restrictions, due to the Coronavirus. Those who have to come back home may ask for an exception.


Because of Coronavirus, Ryanair Company canceled many flights headed to the Countries that are struggling with Covid-19. You can change your flights without additional costs until March 31, 2020. Always check if every stage of your itinerary is safe, at least until April 2020.



Airlines and train measures for COVID-19 in Paris, updated news

From April 1 and till further notice, Orly Airport shuts down. All the other flights will land at Charles-de-Gaulle or Roissy Airport. Most of the trains will stop circulate too. Always keep yourself posted if you really need to travel.

If you need to come or go away from France, contact the embassy of your country to know what to do and how you can be the safest!

The latest decisions have been made due to stage 3 of the Coronavirus pandemic in France. Every non-essential place shut down. Flights and trains will be working 90% less than usual!



Should you book in Paris during the Coronavirus spreading?

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Travel Insurance to Paris

Before booking your stay in Paris during Coronavirus spreading in other parts of the world is to keep you posted following the daily reports by the World Health Organization. If you are already coming to Paris, subscribe to a Travel Insurance. In conclusion, always provide yourself with all the assistance you may need in any case.




Coronavirus French government measures, closures, latest news

coronavirus paris

Coronavirus in Paris measures and closures

If you want to take a look at the latest news about Covid-19 in Paris and France, read about Coronavirus in Paris measures and closures.