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Helpful Numbers in Paris

When you are on holiday you may need helpful numbers you note down in advance. Don’t be unprepared and save this page so you can have these numbers available when you need. 

Before I go to Paris, I like to be sure that I have with me all I need. I think that there are some helpful numbers that I may need in case of emergency and some useful numbers that are good to know in any case, just like the ones for the utilities. Let’s figure out what are the most important ones to know!  

Emergency Helpful Numbers

The emergency numbers that you can find here are the most common helpful numbers you may need in case of danger or if you don’t feel safe. 

  • 112: Universal European Emergency Services number – works from all phones including mobiles. A specially trained operator will answer and transfer the call to the most appropriate emergency service. Operators can answer not only in their national language, but also in English or French. The operator can also identify where the caller is physically located and will pass it to the emergency personnel.
  • 114: Emergency calls (hearing assisted) for any situations requiring fire/rescue, an ambulance, or the police
  • 17: Police/Gendarmes – to report a crime that requires immediate police response
  • Found items service of the commissariat de Paris
  • Préfecture de Police 01 45311480
  • 18: Emergencies – This number connects to the fire brigade (Sapeurs Pompiers) but they also deal with medical emergencies and should be the first port of call in life-threatening situations
  • 15: Ambulance – Samu (for other urgent medical call-outs)
  • 119: Reporting child abuse – to report a child in danger
  • 196: Maritime Emergency / Coastguard – Sea and lake rescue
  • 197: Terror/kidnapping hotline – Created in 2015, this number is for reporting events of terrorism or hostage-taking
  • 01 40 05 48 48: Anti-poison centre
  • 39 15: Late night chemist/duty pharmacy
  • pharmacy
  • 36 24: SOS Médecins – medical services at home 
  • SOS Doctors in Paris : or 0.820.332.424
  • Dentists SOS:
  • SOS Vet: 01 47 46 09 09


Embassies and Consulates numbers

You can’t imagine how these are helpful numbers when you are far from your homecountry! If you need to clarify something about your IDs or you have any doubts about something strange happening between you and the burocracy of the place you are visiting, just call the embassy or the consulate of your Country. Here you can find some of the numbers you may need.  

  • British Embassy (Paris) 01 44 51 31 00
  • UK passport advice + 44 (0) 300 222 0000
  • Irish, Paris: 01 44 17 67 00
  • US, Paris: 01 43 12 22 22
  • Canadian, Paris: 01 44 43 29 00
  • Australian, Paris: 01 40 59 33 00
  • NZ, Paris: 01 45 01 43 43
  • South African, Paris: 01 53 59 23 23

Credit Card Emergency Helpful Numbers

If you have lost your credit card or you got it stolen, find out what you have to do and which number call. 

The information you need may vary on your bank account, so read carefully this page and find out every step you have to do. 

Utilities Numbers

If you think you are in danger because you are having some troubles with electricity, these are the helpful numbers you need to call: 

  • EDF: 24 hour breakdown line: 09 726 750 + your department number (eg 24 for the Dordogne)

If  you have gas and electricity emergencies, you may need the following numbers: 

  • Helpline in English +33 (0) 5 62 16 49 08

  • Gas leaks  01 43 35 40 87


Telephone Calls, useful numbers

All French numbers have 10 digits and begin with 0. Mobile numbers start with 06 or 07.

France is divided into 5 geographical zones corresponding to five separate telephone codes: 01(Paris and the Paris region), 02 (north-west France, Reunion Islands and Mayotte), 03 (north-east France), 04 (south-east France) and 05 (south-west France and the Atlantic Ocean overseas territories).

To see the precise instructions for how to call from and to Paris, please go to this detailed page!

Taxi Useful Numbers 

The numbers that  you will surely need  are 01 49361010 or 01 47394739. If you want to know more about how to take a cab in Paris and my recommendation about it, go to this page


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