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Hotels and hostels in Paris for young people

Finding the hotel in Paris that suits your needs is not easy. That is why I propose selected short term rentals accommodation in Paris that suits the most various needs.


under 26

Under 26 free entrances and discounts

Here are the selected ones for young people that are coming to Paris! These are the place to book if you are coming to Paris with your friends, or if you are in Paris to study and you need a place to stay before finding an apartment. Even if there are no special accommodation discounts for Under 26 in Paris, you can still take advantage of Under 26 benefits in Paris such as free access to many museums and events.



Selected hotels for Under 26 and young people in Paris



St Christopher’s Inn Paris, arrondissement 10

arrondissement 10 maps

Arrondissement 10

The St Christopher’s Inn hotel in Paris is at 200-meters distance from Gare du Nord station.

It is one of the most important stations in Paris, in arrondissement 10. Also, this short term rental accommodation in Paris is very close to other attractions.

For example, it is at 15-minute walking distance from Montmartre and from the Sacre Coeur Cathedral.


It is in the perfect location for those who are coming to see a match in Paris since it is very close to the Stade de France. Plus, this area is perfect if you want to live in Paris like a local by going to the famous markets of the city. You will be 400-meter away from the MarchΓ© Saint-Quentin.


Pro πŸ™‚ : It is close to one of the main stations in Paris and to other attractions.

Con πŸ™ : I would not recommend it to families, even if they have private rooms for 6 adults.


st christopher s inn paris

I recommend this hotel to young people in Paris because you can choose between private rooms and a place in a dormitory (like a hostel).


Even if the rooms are essential, they are well decorated. Maybe that is why this accommodation is loved especially by couples.


The services of this hotel in Paris are pretty basic but useful, like free Wi-Fi and a restaurant. But, this hotel in Paris has parking spots which are not so common in Paris.



Les Piaules, arrondissement 11

les piaules hotel parisI consider this hotel in Paris for under 26 because even if it offers the services of a hotel, it is basically a hostel in Paris.

Of course, you can book a private double room, but they mostly offer a place in their dormitories.


Anyway, I would recommend this short term rental accommodation in Paris to those who are coming to the city in a group of friends of young people.


The dormitories all have cheerful decorations, and the common spaces are special! Booking a spot in Les PIaules means having access to a terrace, and to a snack bar where you can taste the best drinks.

Also, there is a huge living room with a TV, a playroom, a library, personal lockers, and even many shops! Every space has free wi-fi.


Pro πŸ™‚ : it is perfect for young people that are coming to Paris in a group. You can even access to a terrace!

Con πŸ™ : Even if Les Piaules is known as a hotel in Paris it is likely a hostel.


arrondissement 11

Arrondissement 11

This hostel in Paris is in arrondissement 11, and it is very close to the Couronnes metro station.


Also, it is near to one of the most beautiful amusement parks in Paris, the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont.


And, another plus of this location is the proximity with one of the most loved districts in Paris, Belleville! It is one of the areas of the city where you can still observe a truly Parisian lifestyle, even if it is crowded with tourists too.



Generator Paris, arrondissement 10

arrondissement 10 maps

Arrondissement 10

This short term accommodation in Paris is a hostel in arrondissement 10. Even it is a hostel, it is very well decorated, and it offers many services.


You can have breakfast, do your laundry, access to the terrace and to the fantastic common living room.


Also, you won’t walk very long to reach a place where you can taste local dishes since CafΓ© Fabien is in the same building!

Even if I would not consider the Generator hostel as the first choice for a family, they do offer family rooms and deluxe accommodation.


Pro πŸ™‚ : its location, and the deluxe room option.

Con πŸ™ : It is not the place to book if you prefer luxury accommodation.


generator hotel paris

The rooms of this hostel in Paris are very modern. They also have AC and, in some cases, even a private bathroom and/or a private terrace.


A great feature of this hotel is its location since it is very close to the Canal Saint-Martin, one of the best meeting points of young people in Paris. Also, it is close to one of the main stations of the city, the Gare de l’Est, and to one of the best amusement parks, the Buttes-Chaumont.


Last but not least, the staff of the Generator hotel in Paris is very praised in almost every review!

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