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Under 26 in Paris benefits, free entrances and ticket discounts

If you are under 26 and you are in Paris, you are very lucky! You can take advantage of important discounts about the metro, many museums, and attractions of the city. Here you will know where you find under 26 free entry.

Since April 2009, EU citizens + Norway, Island and Liechtenstein under 26 have free entrance in every museum of France and every national museum.

In some museums, you need to do the line anyway and then take your free ticket. In others, you can just show a valid ID and enter, without any queue. But let’s focus on all the advantages for those who are younger than 26. If you are an Eu resident, this is a real money-saving!



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Under 26 discounts in Paris metro


If you are under 26, you can buy the Ticket Jeune (i.e. for young people). It is a daily ticket that allows you to move around Paris taking the transport you prefer: metro, RER, bus, tram, SNCF train.

This ticket does not include airport transfer.

And, it includes tickets for cruises on the Seine neither.

The ticket Jeune is valid only during weekends, from 00.00 a.m. to 11.59 p.m. You can buy it where you usually buy normal RATP tickets or you can book it and buy it online.
Before using your Ticket Jeune, you must write your name on it.


The prices vary on the zone:

  • The 1-3 zones ticket costs € 3.85;
  • Ticket for the zones from 1 to 5 costs € 8.35;
  • The 3-5 zones ticket costs € 4.90.


If you are under 26, come in Paris at weekends to save more money!


Remember that Paris is divided into 5 zones. Versailles and the airport of Orly are in the fourth. Disneyland, Auvers Sur Oise, CDG Charles de Gaulle Airport are in the fifth.


Accommodation in Paris for young people


The accommodation for young adults and under 26 in Paris is a lot! If you go to Paris solo or a few people, I suggest taking a look at Solo in Paris and the Paris Travel Planning section. Also, you can find many accommodations that suit your needs. But, if you are in a big group of friends, I think that a great accommodation for under 26 in Paris are hostels.

If you don’t like hostels because you think they lack privacy, just think about the fact that new ones have private rooms too. I insist because in hostels you can make new friends in the halls in a “safe” place. Here a bunch of some of the best ones:



  • Generator
    This hostel in Paris is perfect for under 26. That is because it is in a lively area, in arrondissement 9, and you can take advantage of many typical restaurants and cafès where you can eat without spending too much. It is in a bohemian style but neat!


  • Les Piaules
    This is a good accommodation for young adults in Paris. That is because it is in a lively district, the one of Belleville. Also, it is a refined and neat place. Common halls are cozy and the terrace is good too. The location of this accommodation in Paris is unique! It is between arrondissement 11 and arrondissement 20.


  • St Christopher’s Inn
    St Christopher Hostel in Paris is a chain. I recommend booking in the one at Gare du Nord. Even if I don’t recommend being there late at night, I think that its position is a great advantage if you want to move around Paris the second you exit the door of your accommodation! And you will use transports a lot. It is in arrondissement 10.


Free entry museums for under 26 in Paris

If you are younger than 26, you may go to your favorite museum for free! Check if it is in the following list. Besides the Louvre, the Pantheon and the Catacombs, you won’t know where to go first. Remember to take your documents where the staff can check your age and your resident Country.


People under 26 that are UE citizens or just live in Paris (and can prove it) can visit so many attractions in Paris for free. This is fantastic because you can get to know French and Parisian culture! Even if Paris is one of the most expensive cities, under 26 have the chance to access some of the best monuments in the world.


musee art moderne paris under 26 discount




  • Maison de Balzacmaison balzac paris
    Access the house of Honoré de Balzac for free! Visit 4 rooms and the library. Also, you will admire original manuscripts!



  • Musée Bourdellemusee bourdelle paris
    This is where the artist Antoine Bourdelle lived. Here, you can admire more than 500 artworks among sculptures and paintings by Bourdelle.



musee paris museum



catacombes paris

  • Les Catacombes de Paris
    Visit Paris catacombs means learning to know the past of the city by experiencing what is still left.





  • Musée Cognacq-Jay – Musée du XVIIIe siècle
    Go to this museum if you are into the art of the 18th century. The entrance is free!



leclerl museum paris

  • Leclerc Moulin Museum, the Liberation of Paris museum
    The Leclerc Moulin Museum in Paris is dedicated to World War II. More than “just” a museum, it also is a research center.



palais galliera fashion museum



paris museum fine arts



musee de la vie romantique



maison victor hugo

  • Maison de Victor Hugo
    This is one of the most important museums dedicated to literature and French culture in Paris! You can visit the house where Victor Hugo lived.


musee zadkine

  • Musée Zadkine
    The Zadkine Museum is the atelier-museum where the Russian sculptor Ossip Zadkine lived. There, you can admire sculptures, paintings, and sketches of this peculiar artist!



louvre museum paris

  • Louvre
    The Louvre is the mandatory stage for art lovers. There, you find collections about the art of all times and all places: from Italy to France; from the Netherlands to Spain; from German to England.



  • orangerie orsay museum parisMusée d’Orsay and Orangerie
    Orsay Museum and the Orangerie are 2 of the most visited museums in Paris. That is because there are artworks by the most famous artists in the world, like Monet, and Van Gogh!


cluny museum paris



quai branly museum

  • Quai Branly museum
    The Musée du Quai Branly is a museum about ancient arts from all over the world. It is huge: the main hall is 200 meters long!



  • musee eugene delacroix parisMusée Eugène-Delacroix
    The Eugene Delacroix museum is more than a museum about Eugène Delacroix. It is the place where he lived too! There, there are many paths to follow about his paintings, prints, lithographies, and writings.



jean jaques henner museum paris

  • Jean-Jacques Henner museum
    The Musée National Jean-Jacques Henner dedicated to the Alsatian painter. The museum hosts about 1000 sketches, documents, and paintings!



gustave moreau museum paris

  • Musée Gustave Moreau
    The Gustave Moreau museum in Paris was designed by the artist itself. Here you can explore the world of Gustave Moreau, the precursor of French Symbolism!



musee rodin museum paris

  • Rodin Museum
    Even if this museum is dedicated to the art of Rodin, here you can find artworks by Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Vincent van Gogh too!


picasso museum

  • Musée Picasso
    The museum dedicated to Picasso in Paris is about the people who worked with him too. It is one of the most important museums in the city, and it surely is a place that won’t disappoint Picasso lovers.


centre pompidou

  • Centre Pompidou
    George Pompidou center, also known as Beaubourg, is one of the most important contemporary art museums in the world. There, you will find laboratories, happenings, and events too!



guimet museum paris

  • Musée des Arts Asiatiques Guimet
    The Guimet Museum is about objects and artworks of the most ancient eras, from all over the world: Japan, China, Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire.



patrimoine architecture museum paris

  • Cité de l’architecture et du Patrimoine
    The Cité de l’architecture et du Patrimoine is perfect for those who are into architecture, design, and anthropology! Walk in the copy of the Hunité d’Habitation by Le Corbusier!





nissim de camondo museum

  • Nissim de Camondo museum
    Nissim de Camondo museum is both a house and a museum. There, you can admire the beautiful interiors of the house with artworks and very well-designed furniture!



cite musique paris

  • Cité de la musique
    Cité de la Musique is a museum of musical instruments but it includes a concert hall and part of the Conservatory of Paris!




archive nationales




musee des arts et metiers paris

  • Musée des arts et métiers
    The Musée des Arts et Métiers hosts exhibitions about mechanical sciences, technologies, design, sciences, gaming, transports, and inventions of all times.



army museum paris

  • Army museum (hôtel national des Invalides)
    If you go to the Hotel National des Invalides, you can visit Napoleon’s Tomb and the Army Museum. In the same building, there are other museums such as the Plans-Reliefs and the Ordre de la Libération Museum.



art histoire judaisme paris



institute monde arabe jean nouvel paris

  • Musée de l’Institut du monde Arabe
    The Institute du Monde Arabe in Paris, designed by Jean Nouvel and Architecture Studio hosts a library, a restaurant, artisan shops, bookstores, audio and video archives, and a smoking area!



galerie evolution paris

  • Grande Galerie de l’évolution
    It is a wide museum of natural history: there are elephants, giraffes and lots of other embalmed animals of the Savannah environment. Also, there are lots of screens that display all the information about natural history!



paleontologie anatomie paris



musee homme paris

  • Musée de l’Homme
    The Musée de l’Homme is the Museum of Man in Paris. Since 1937, it is a reference for who is into anthropology!




arc de triomphe paris

  • Arc de Triomphe
    The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most important historical monuments of Paris, was strongly wanted by Napoleon Bonaparte. It is a monument that celebrates all the people who fought for the French Revolution.



pantheon paris

  • Panthéon
    Panthéon de Paris is one of the most important churches in Paris to visit. It is a neoclassical church designed by Jacques Germain Soufflot and Jean-Baptiste Rondelet between 1759 and 1789.



conciergerie paris

  • Conciergerie
    The Conciergerie originally was the Palais de la Cité, a residence for the kings of France. It is a masterpiece of gothic architecture, and it still is part of the Palace of Justice of the city.



sainte chapelle paris

  • Sainte-Chapelle
    Sainte-Chapelle church is one of the most important gothic monument. Built-in 1248, it hosts holy objects such as the Holy Lance and fragments of the True Cross



notre dame paris

  • Notre-Dame de Paris
    Even if Notre-Dame has faced one of the most disturbing accidents of our century, you can still visit what remains of this wonder of Paris and the world. Its beauty is still intact.




basilique saint denis

  • Basilique Saint-Denis
    The Saint-Denis Cathedral is one of the must-sees of Paris neighborhoods. Just think that it is one of the most important gothic architecture masterpieces in France!
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