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How to create an original guest book

guest bookAre you looking for original ideas to collect the best feedback from your guests? Take a look at these original ideas. A guest book is a special space dedicated to guests. It’s a place where they can share feelings, impressions, and feedback.

Ideas for an original guest book

The guest book of your holiday home is a book designed to allow visitors to express their sensations, emotions, and feelings during their holiday.

In this book, guests are free to write whatever crosses their minds. You use the space to leave feedback (positive or negative), advice, and suggestions. However, the guest book can turn out to be boring. Here are some original ideas for creating a unique guest book, with which they can have fun and give space to their creativity!

  • Postcards
    Postcards are a really cool way to get your home some positive feedback. Ask your guests to bring a postcard from where they are from to add to the guest book. This way, other travelers will be able to see where previous guests came from!
    In case guests forget, rather than lose their message, always keep some postcards from various places and leave them available for them to sign.


  • The Globe
    Buy a globe at a thrift store and let guests know where the markers or highlighters are so they can leave a mark in their home country. Travelers will love seeing where your previous guests have come from and the globe will make an interesting piece of furniture.



  • The board
    What could be better than showing the great experiences of your guests on a board? Invite your guests to fill out a fun card and pin it on the appropriate corkboard. Letting guests read positive messages from other travelers will help set the mood for a happy stay the moment they get in.

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