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How to visit Versailles from home

Here is how to visit the Palace of Versailles from home. There are many ways to visit one of the most famous attractions in Paris neighborhoods. Versailles is one of the greatest baroque palaces in Europe! Several architects have worked to build this magnificent palace, between 1623 and 1683. Louis XIV wanted this Palace to be great. That is because there is not just an architect who designed it, but many.

By now, the palace is close because of the confinement. But, you can take the chance to visit the Palace of Versailles from home!

Visiting Versailles online is a special occasion. Versailles is always very crowded and even if its beauties are stunning to see with a naked eye, admiring them from home is the chance to pay more attention without being disturbed.



How to visit the Palace of Versailles from home


  • You can visit the Palace of Versailles from home by going on its youtube official channel. There, you will see the magnificent rooms of the palace, and learn a lot about its history, and architecture. Besides the story of the Estate, you will learn a lot about all the art collections host in the Palace, and the daily life in Versailles. Aside from documentary videos that are always available, if you subscribe to Versailles Palace YouTube Channel, you can join live events and chat with the staff to know more about Versailles.


  • Another great opportunity to virtually visit Versailles is to download the Versailles’ mobile application. It is the possibility to take part in 15 audio-tours of the Grands Apartments, the Halls of Mirrors, the Trianon, the Queen’s House, the room of Crusaders…
    It is available in 11 languages.


  • If you don’t want to download anything, the simplest way to take a look at Versailles from home is to go on the Palace’s official site and visit the themed virtual exhibitions.


  • Last but not least, my favorite online opportunity to know more about Versailles from home is its SoundCloud channel. It is very rare to have the chance to explore soundscapes of such important attractions. I love it!
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