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Instagram captions from Emily in Paris

emily in paris quotes instagramAre you ready to give a boost to your Instagram posts with the best captions? Here are a few pieces of advice from Emily in Paris to make your page unique.

Taking pictures while on vacation is a must. Sharing them on the net is not for everyone. But, for those who love to play the role of the influencer, writing a special caption is essential.

Many people on Instagram love to pair great pictures with funny captions or quotes. One of the best tv-show you can take inspiration from is Emily in Paris. Emily in Paris is a Netflix series about a young girl living in Paris. Plus, the main character is a marketing executive who experiences what means to be an influencer in Paris. Even if you don’t like the plot, you have the chance to see beautiful spots in Paris.

Watching tv-shows about Paris is also a way to start to look at the city from new perspectives. Emily in Paris is one of the best series to see how Paris has changed during the latest years.


Emily in Paris, the best quotes

Emily in Paris is coming back! Before watching the new episodes, take a look at the most representative sentences of this show. You can use some of these lines as captions for your Instagram posts about Paris. Here are which are the best quotes from season 1 and season 2.


  • I feel like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge


  • RoomWithAView


  • Butter + Chocolate = [heart emoji]


  • The entire city looks like Ratatouille

Emily in Paris filming locations

  • OhCrepe


  • I like Paris, but I’m not really sure Paris likes me


  • Smudge-proof. Even when you’re berry hungry


  • Well, this will give you something to dream about


  • Like wearing poetry


  • Paris is for cheese lovers


  • With a little help from mon amie


  • I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m about to wake up


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