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Long Stay in Paris, what’s good to know

If you are coming to Paris for more than 1 week, you will surely want to be prepared for your long stay in this city. The Paris Travel Planning pages of Paris Rent Apartments are about how spending your time in Paris without wasting a minute! The city is so big that your time won’t ever be enough. Anyway, if you are coming for a long stay, you can become a true expert in Paris.


Here some advice about what’s good to know if you are
in Paris for a long time.


Long stay in Paris, bits of advice for everyone


  • 1. Take your time.
    What I suggest to who is coming to Paris for more than one week is to take the time to enjoy what planned. Take your time! Even if you are in Paris for ten days, you can apply my Paris in 1-week program by resting more and taking the time to appreciate everything you are experiencing. If you have one week is okay to plan a full-day exploration of the city. But, if you have more time, you can be sure that you won’t lose anything if you rest a bit more.


  • 2. Explore Paris neighborhoods and more
    I always recommend going to Paris neighborhoods too to those who are in the city for more than 2 days. I think that some places are to visit too, once you are in this area of France. The neighborhoods of the city offer attractions to see as well. Just think about Versailles or Mont Saint-Michel! Plus, if you want to do a very special trip of the day, think about spending 1 day in London during your holiday in Paris! If you like this possibility, read more at How to go from Paris to London.


  • 3. Be more careful about your suitcase…
    Once you are in Paris for a long stay, don’t waste your time buying things that you could have brought with you. If you are planning to travel to Paris for a long stay, I suggest paying a lot of attention to what will be in your suitcase. Consult my Suitcase Guide for every season of the year and note down what to put in your luggage! If you are into fashion, take a look at Parisian style, how to follow it!



  • 5. Spend your money to the fullest
    Living on a budget even during your holiday is not very relaxing. But, by paying attention to useful information about Paris, you can save some money and spend it as you prefer. If you are in Paris for a long stay, you can visit many museums for free, without buying a ticket or a museum pass. Plus, you can visit lots of attractions for free anyway. You can plan your days by taking advantage of the Top 20 best things to do in Paris for free. In addition, I suggest considering many attractions in the city there are always free, its Parks!


  • 6. Book your coworking station in time
    Many people come to Paris for a long stay if they need to work. Also, people come to Paris for many business travels or meetings. If it so, you might need a comfortable and quiet place where to work. It is always good when this place is not your accommodation! That is why I have selected the top coworking spaces in Paris that you can book in time. Most of them are addresses to note down anyway since they are coworking stations where you can also just stop and have coffee in a cozy place!


  • 7. Use unconventional transports
    Tourists and travelers always prefer to move around Paris by metro (i.e. underground or tube). I think Paris by bike is way better! If you want to know how it is to live like a local in Paris, you should definitively try bike-sharing or bike-rentals services. That is how you can move around the city, taking the time you need to discover all the best secret spots in Paris!


20 things to do and to see in Paris

Now that you know all the functional information to plan your long stay in Paris, you are ready to know what to do once you are in the city!

Lists can help you figure out what to see in Paris and which are the things that you want to do first! Plus, here you will find also fun facts about Paris!


to see in paris1. Take a walk to the Flower Markets

Even if you won’t be in Paris as long as you need to enjoy the flowers in your apartment or accommodation, take one of the most colorful walks you’ll ever take in at least one Flower Market. I think that the best one to see in Paris is in Louis-Lepine square, in the arrondissement 4!


to see in paris2. Walk along the Seine

If you don’t want to go on a cruise on the Seine, just walk along the river. You can admire the attractions of Paris during your walk, enjoy amazing views and doing some shopping to the stands that are there. You can buy a book or pictures of Paris or other souvenirs.


to see in paris3. Pompidou Center without spending there all day

If you don’t have a lot of time to visit museums but you still want at least one exhibition of contemporary art to see in Paris, go to the Georges Pompidou center and look for temporary exhibitions! You will see something that you won’t find anywhere else without spending all day in a museum.


paris park timetable4. A Green Pause

Whether you’re in Paris for a day, for a week or a month, remember to not lose the chance to live the parks of the city. Parks in Paris are both landmarks and attractions. Figure out  and see which one is the closest to your accommodation or to the places you want to go to. Just imagine taking a pause when you spend days moving around the city!


to see in paris5. Breakfast in Batignolles

If you want to eat something special for breakfast, go to Batignolles district! It is the place to see in Paris if you want to taste croissant and other unique recipes and dishes of French cuisine.


to see in paris6. A French aperitif

The aperitif is the moment of the day when you can drink something and taste some appetizer relaxing before dinner. If you want to do an aperitif in a very French style, go to rue de la Roquette and choose the coffee bar you like the most!


to see in paris7. Admire Monet

If you go to the Orangerie Museum, in Tuileries gardens, you will have the chance to admire amazing paintings by Monet to see in Paris. you can’t miss this possibility. Even if usually you are not into art, you will understand that you are in front of masterpieces.


arrondissement 188. See the city from above

Take the Montmartre funicular (also known as cable car) and admire Paris from above. You can also do a picnic in the Buttes-Chaumont park that is in the same area. Plus, you can also visit the famous Sacre-Coeur church! Paris from above is not only by the Eiffel Tower.


9. Take the metro

Underground is to see in Paris! It is an attraction because of its historical importance. When you take it – consult a metro guide here! – admire all the different styles of the stations.


to see in paris10. Hot-air balloon tour

If you want to see Paris from the sky being in the sky, just take a Hot-air balloon from the André Citroen park! The tours start at 9 a.m.!


paris to see11. Paris undergrounds

You can explore also the Paris subsoils by visiting its ancient sewers! They are very important in the history of the city and you can go there by visiting the Musée des Egouts de Paris, in arrondissement 7.



arrondissement 112. A quick visit to the Louvre

When you are in Paris, you can’t go back home without visiting attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. What you might not know is that you can plan a personalized visit to the famous Museum by downloading an app that helps you plan your visit and the artworks you will see!


paris to see in13. Attend an auction in Drouot

If you want to buy a very special souvenir or you simply enjoy auctions, go to Drouot! It is the most important place for auctions in the city. Usually, they start to exhibit the objects in the morning while the actual auction begins at 2 p.m.


14. A very special art shop

Père Tanguy was a man who had the courage to open a shop where he uses to sell modern paintings that were not initially accepted by the public. Those paintings were by Cézanne and Van Gogh. It is an important piece of the history of Paris! The shop is in Rue Clauzel, in arrondissement 9.


to see in paris15. Statues of Liberty in Paris

In 1886, the artist Colmar Fredéric Auguste Bartholdi and the architects Viollet Le Duc and Gustave Eiffel decided to build a double of the American statue of Liberty to celebrate the brotherhood between the to Peoples. Now, Paris host 5 statues of Liberty. One is in the Musée des Art et Metiers, another one is on the Ile aux Cygnes. The other three are in Musée d’Orsay; on Alma barge and in the Luxembourg gardens.


to see in paris16. Sniff at the perfume museum

Visit the Perfume museum in rue Scribe, arrondissement 9. The museum itself is an interior design masterpiece and you will enjoy perfumes of all epoques!



to see in paris17. Try yourself at the counterfeit museum!

Are you sure you can distinguish an original object from its false double? Try yourself in rue de la Faisanderie, where you can see counterfeits. The most ancients date back at 200 b.C.!



18. Declare your love

If you are in Paris with your partner, go to the Pont des Arts: it is famous for the most romantic declarations of love!



to see in paris19. Go to an event in the Centquatre

Centquatre is a contemporary art gallery where concerts and performances take place! It is a very peculiar space that I recommend visiting especially during an event.



20. Seek for a jazz club atmosphere

Take a chance to see a real jazz club in the 20s style by going to the Caveau des Oubliettes. If you stay in Paris for more than a few days, take a look on this page about the best jazz clubs of Paris too. Even if jazz music is not your favorite, you will surely enjoy the cozy and bohemian atmosphere!


10 things to avoid in Paris, good to know for Long and Short Stays in Paris

to avoid in paris

Even if I love dreaming about what to do in the city, I have to admit that you also need to know information about what to avoid in Paris.

Whether if you are coming long or short stays, you will surely need to know the 10 things to avoid in Paris.

Along with this information, you might need to note down some Helpful Numbers too!


  • 1. Avoid going to restaurants without having read the price list first. It is always better to have an idea of what you are going to eat and how much it will cost.


  •  2. Don’t buy single tickets for transports. Take a look about transports pass and discover which is the best for you. You will save money and you will move faster.


  • 3.  Remember of not putting your money near your ticket. When coins get in contact with metal, the ticket demagnetizes.


  • 4. Another thing to avoid in Paris is taking a taxi all the time. It is ok if it is very late at night or if you are taking it just one or two times during all your stay in Paris.


  • 5. Be skeptic if somebody offers you a very cheap iPhone or Ipad. If you go to the beautiful flea market in Saint Ouen don’t buy cheap iPhones and Ipad offered to you in the streets. They probably are stolen and could not work.


  • 6. To avoid in Paris are certain areas at night. Bois de Boulogne, Barbès-Rochechouart, Chatelet-Les-Halles, St. Denis. They are ok during the day.


  • 7. Don’t go shopping in Champs Elysées: there is only big companies shop that you can find in every corner of the world!


  • 8. When you are in the city, remember that to avoid in Paris is having dinner in Montmartre. In that area, there are lots of touristic restaurants that are not designed for tourists at all! They are very expensive.


  • 9. Don’t buy portraits. Montmartre is very common meeting people who want to paint you a portrait. They are so expensive, and they are not worth your money!


  • 10. Be aware of certain people that ask you if you speak English. They often make this question to ask money in your language then.


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