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Making a proposal in Paris, where to go

If you have always dreamed to make your proposal in Paris, probably the most romantic city in the world, be sure that everything will be as you wish!

Even if making a proposal in Paris is already a good idea, given its romanticness, I would plan where to make it precisely in advance. Here are some ideas about places to go to make a proposal in Paris.


Making a proposal in Paris

  • At the Eiffel Tower
    If you don’t care about the privacy of the moment of your proposal, take your partner to an iconic place in Paris! Is there something more iconic than the Eiffel Tower?!


  •  Cruise on the Seine
    If you have always dreamed to make your proposal while cruising on a river, take the chance to make yours during a private cruise on the Seine. You can rent a private boat to be sure to find the perfect spot for the two of you.


  • A walk in the park
    Since you are proposing in Paris, this is very romantic already. There is not always need to chase the super-luxury location to make things special. Making your proposal during a walk in a park in Paris may be romantic enough too!


  • A private dinner proposal
    Paris offers lots of places where you can have the fanciest private dinners. You can choose among many luxury restaurants, or you can even book a private cruise that also includes dinner.


  • A proposal on the rooftop
    Rooftops in Paris are some of the ultimate attractions, very loved by people of all ages. Choosing to propose on a Parisian rooftop is very romantic. You will have another reason to don’t forget the sight!


  • Montmartre
    If you would like to count on a wonderful sight without booking a spot on a terrace, I suggest going to Montmartre. You will have the entire city at your feet!