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Paris for Seniors, tips

The best part of your life is when you can decide to do what you really want to. Seniors in Paris know it very well and that is why they are a lot!

They usually are people who want to enjoy life in the purest way. Admiring the beauty of Paris and breathing its romantic atmosphere.

But, Paris is also the perfect city for intellectuals! Some of the most important museums are in this city. Plus, every day there are many events and concerts to go to!

Here some Paris for Seniors tips!



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How to get to Paris

from paris to the airport

How to go from the airport to Paris

Whether your a senior or not, you may need to know if there is a direct flight to Paris from your country. Also, don’t forget to collect information about how to go from the airport CDG, Orly or Beauvais to Paris city center and how to go from Paris to the Airport.

Once you are in Paris, if it’s very late at night or if you are really tired, consider booking a taxi. If you don’t want to figure out all the steps, you can look for organized trips to Paris for seniors.

When you only have a few doubts about your organization, you can ask me the information you need. Contact me!



Transports for Seniors in Paris

Read the information about transports in Paris you found them in the footer of this page!

Unfortunately, over 60 and seniors in Paris don’t get any special discounts.



Paris accommodations for seniors

If you want to live like a local, being a senior in Paris, you need proper accommodation for seniors in Paris.

If you are planning a trip with a group of friends or your family, it may be good to know that there are many hostels in Paris for seniors. When you want to maintain your privacy, look for the ones that have private rooms as well. Hostels are good if you would like to know different people in a “safe” place.



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If I would have to choose accommodation for seniors in Paris, I would pick an apartment.

Luxury Ile Saint-Louis

Our best accommodation: Luxury Ile Saint-Louis

A short rentals apartment in Paris is my favorite kind of accommodation.
That is because you are fully independent.  And, if you are on a budget, you can always buy your groceries and cook it at home.

Plus, living in an apartment in Paris means living like a local because you would not stay in tourist areas. Also, when you choose an apartment as accommodation, you opt for the comfort of being welcomed in a home. Most of them offer special services!


Plus, you can choose among millions of accommodations: you will surely find a house that you can feel like yours even if you are abroad. Would you like to see which ones are the bests, according to me? Go to the accommodation area or take a look at my favorite accommodation in Paris, Luxury Ile Saint-Louis.



What to do in Paris for Seniors and discounts

I like to plan what I am going to do and that is why I try to do the same if I think to Paris for seniors. Paris is full of beauty to admire and things to do.


museums in paris

Museums in Paris

You can visit many museums in Paris and participate in visited guides or tours. My favorite ones are walking tours, but when I am tired I appreciate bus tours so much!




to see in Paris

What to See in Paris

Also, you might want to know What to See in Paris that is not a well-known landmark, just like places that had been used as movie sets, Paris beaches, markets…





events in paris 2020

Events in Paris in 2020

If you don’t know when you are coming to Paris, take a look at the Events in Paris in 2020 to establish your trip on what you are into!




I have to admit that I would join a hop on-hop off bus tours for seniors in Paris. They always allow people of all ages, from children to over 60 in Paris, to explore the city from a very comfortable position.

I wouldn’t necessarily join a tour that includes a specific itinerary for seniors in Paris. You are just a few years older than the average of tourists that visit Paris!

Just decide what you want to do and be sure that you are in a city where you can get help to go where you want to. There is a solution to every problem. For example, if you have some leg trouble, you can visit Paris step by step, area by area.

Think that if you start exploring Paris from Le Marais, you can visit many wonderful attractions by staying in the same area all day long!

About the discounts for seniors in Paris, even if you are over 60 there are not well-known discounts. Some people recommend asking for it anyway! If you are a resident in Paris you should have some price reductions in museums.


disneyland parisDisneyland Paris for Seniors

If your travel won’t be only a Paris for Seniors experience but you are taking kids with you, I suggest taking a look at the Paris with kids section. You will collect a lot of ideas about what to do with them!

Whether you are a Granpa or a grandma on holidays, a babysitter or an adult that wants to have fun, the Disneyland Paris guide allows you to know everything you need to go to Disneyland.

So, why say something specific about Disneyland Paris for seniors? Because people of a certain age don’t feel always the best. If you want to go to Disneyland but you have some kind of disability, you can ask for a Green Card. It is a card that allows you to have advantages proven to your condition.

Also, if you do need a mobility scooter, you can hire once you are in Disneyland!

Disneyland Paris is designed to welcome the whole family. That means that people of every age can go there and feel safe. You can go with the kids without feeling a burden!



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Paris for Seniors Frequently asked questions


  • Is Paris easy to walk around?
    Yes. It’s the best way to see it. If you get tired soon, I also recommend exploring the city by taking the Bateau Mouche, visiting Paris from the Seine. You can get on a boat and cross the Seine river! While you join this kind of tour, you can have a break, admiring the city having a seat. After that, you will be ready to walk around Paris again!


  • What attractions are free in Paris?
    If I think about the attractions that are free in Paris, I immediately think about the parks in Paris! If you would like to go somewhere else, there is so much to do for free in Paris.


  • Is Paris pass worth it?
    I think that the only pass you have to buy is the transports one. Any other pass may be very comfortable if it allows you to skip the lines. If not, look for another one.


  • What is the cheapest way to get around Paris?
    The cheapest way to get around Paris is using the Velib, the bike-sharing service in Paris. I prefer taking the metro or using other transports. If you do agree with me, I suggest buying a transport pass. My favorite one is Paris Navigo!


  • Is Paris safe in 2019 and 2020?
    Of course. In Paris, you will see how they control everything and everyone. You need to always pay attention anyway, as in every city of the world.


  • Is Paris expensive?
    Yes, Paris is one of the most expensive cities.


  • How many days do I need to visit Paris?
    If your dream is coming to Paris, book your flight, train or bus and come! I have a proposal for very formula. From one day to long-stays.
  • What you can find at

  • Museums in Paris

    museum in paris louvre


    Where to eat in Paris

    eat paris


    Where to go shopping in Paris

    shopping paris

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