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Paris low-budget, staying out of the city

save money cityWould you like to come to Paris but you have a very low budget? Here is one solution to save on your accommodation by choosing to stay out of the city.


Read the tips about how to save on short rental accommodation in Paris by choosing to stay out of the city! If you would like us to look for the perfect accommodation for you, contact us.


Staying out of the city

Sometimes staying slightly out of town could save you some money. But, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what this entails!

property manager house pricesIf the accommodation is located in neighboring cities such as Bagnolet, Montreuil, Charenton-le-Pont, Ivry, Saint-Ouen, Issy, etc, choose a short rental accommodation close to a metro stop. You won’t feel any difference with booking a low-budget peripheral apartment in ‘Paris’. Choosing to stay in such areas will not affect the price of the bus/metro ticket. But, to be completely sure, I suggest taking a look at the urban transport official website.

If you choose accommodation in a municipality in zone 3 or further away, then you will need to pay attention to which time of the year you are looking for. In the summer the transport company usually takes care of the maintenance of the tracks by closing some sections. Whether you choose a house along the line of one of the RERs, these could close in the summer in the evenings at 9 pm and during the weekends, forcing you to double back hoops to visit the city.

Consider carefully if your accommodation is worth the effort of traveling before booking it!

If you decide to go for an unconventional short rental accommodation in Paris, deciding to stay out of the city, I suggest downloading a City mapper. It is an app that helps you figure out which is the best road to follow from one point to another, including alternative routes.


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