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Paris or London? Make your mind clear

When you can’t decide if you want to go in Paris or London, the only thing to do is evaluate pros and cons of each city! In my opinion, I think that if you stay a lot in Paris, you can also plan some days in London – find out how here!

If you can’t decide, go from Paris to London by train!

Anyway, here’s the thing, if you can’t choose. just think about how different these cities are and admit to yourself where you would like to be more.

paris or londonParis or London? Pros and cons of each one

  • Traffic. If you don’t want to live the chaos of the big city starting from its transports, go to Paris. London is full of cars and buses!


  • Night-life. If you want to live the night, you have to choose Paris. That is because lots of pubs, in London, must close at 11 pm!


  • Parks. They both are amazing, at this point. London has the wonderful Hyde Park, where you can relax or play with squirrels. Paris has lots of parks that are attractions themselves.


  • Costs. If you think about food, Paris is a little more expensive than London. If you want to go clubbing or to a concert, London is way more expensive than Paris!

paris london

  • Cultural life. If you want to breathe culture on each day of your holiday, I can’t help you choose. It depends on what you like. Both cities have important museums. If you love theatre and musicals, London must be the final choice.


  • Architectures. If you prefer Victorian style, go to London. If you would like to admire he Haussmanian style, go to Paris.

Yes, it’s true. It is very difficult decide if it is better to go in London or Paris. Mostly if you think that “when a man is tired of London, he’s tired of life” (Samuel Johnson). But, even in this case, we can answer with quotes about Paris too!

Common downsides

Even if you can’t decide where to go first, pay attention to their common downsides. They both are very expensive to visit. This means you have to book your flight in advance. Plus, you need to be carefully when booking your accommodation. And if you want to pay less for your accommodation or apartment, you will spend more for transports.

I have to remember that both Paris and London offer free attractions too!

Whether you are going to London or Paris, a downside is the climate. The weather forecasts of these two cities are clear. Bring with you an umbrella and dress in layers regardless of the season!

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