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Paris weather forecasts April 2023

paris in aprilAre you coming to Paris in April 2023? Read the weather forecasts and prepare the perfect luggage!

Being aware of what’s the weather like in Paris is the best when preparing your suitcase. Plus, it can be very useful when planning in advance what to do. Planning activities both indoors and outdoors will make your stay in Paris perfect.

Once you know the weather forecasts for April 2023, putting the right clothes in your suitcase will be very easy. Remember that you will probably need to dress up in layers, and taking always an umbrella with you.

I won’t lie, I think that the best months of the year to visit Paris are from May to September. That is because the daylight lasts more, and you can admire the parks of the city blooming. Plus, in Spring and Summer, you will enjoy a peculiar night breeze.

April is once again the month dedicated to celebrating Easter. Most Parisians usually celebrate Easter as well. This year there will be many events to celebrate Easter, don’t miss the chance to be there if you are in Paris on April 9th!

What’s the weather like in Paris in April 2023

paris springIn Spring, the temperature average in Paris swings from 55 F° and 70 F°. It’s the perfect climate to take long walks around the city.

If you go to Paris in April, note that the temperature will be around 50 F°. During Spring the weather is windy and sometimes rainy. Don’t forget always to take a pocket umbrella with you!

In Paris, the weather can always change in a moment. During the next month, the temperature swings from 44 F° and 60 F°.

You can expect rain in about the middle of April 2023. Weather forecasts expect around 15 days of rain. From April 10, there will be more rainy days until the end of the month.