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Paris weather forecasts July 2022

parc de la villette paris summer 2020 weather julyAre you coming to Paris in July 2022? Read the weather forecasts and be ready to pack the perfect luggage!

Getting to know the weather forecasts in Paris is the best way to plan what you are going to do and know what to put in your luggage.

Once you know the weather forecasts for July 2022, putting the right clothes in your suitcase will be very easy. Remember that you will probably need to dress up in layers, and taking always an umbrella with you.

Spending some days of Summer in Paris is a great idea. Why? In Summer there’s a lot to do in Paris, even more than usual! You can spend some time relaxing at Paris plages, the artificial beaches along the Seine. Don’t forget to put everything you need to take a bath in your suitcase. Sun protection is a must-have for sure.

Spending Summer in Paris means you can see lots of movies at outdoor cinemas in Paris. Plus, there are lots of concerts, and events of all genres to go to.


What’s the weather like in Paris in July 2022

paris weather 2020

In Summer, the temperature average in Paris swings from 59 F° and 75 F°. Even if during the day the climate gets hot, it’s never too hot to explore the city and the main attractions. When it gets too warm, I love taking a break in the Tuileries garden!

If you go to Paris in July, the average temperature will be around 65 F°. During Summer the weather is hot, but there’s a pleasant breeze in the evenings.

Even if the weather in Paris in July is usually sunny, I suggest taking a pocket umbrella with you. It may rain for a few minutes in the early morning. Don’t be unprepared!