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Theme parks in Paris, updated list and 2020 events

Why look for the park that is the best of the theme parks in Paris? Maybe, because it is a unique experience you can do and collecting information is the way to choose the flavor you want to give to it!


What is special about a theme park is that you can choose the dream to live in, just for a couple of hours or for an entire day! Also, most of them are some of the best amusement parks in Paris too!


Theme parks are not just for children or kids! If you can take half a day to feel a bit thoughtless and carefree, going to a specific park can make your day. Since I really believe that this is something to do in Paris, I keep an updated list of the best theme parks in Paris and France. Most of them are in Paris neighborhoods anyway!


Here you can find the things to know fastly. When I think there is more to know, I always attach a link where you can read further information.



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Theme parks in Paris and France, top list (updated)


  • Disneyland Paris
    The top of the best theme park in Paris lists is always Disneyland Paris. That is because everything is designed carefully. You can truly feel as you are in another world. A world where everything has to do with Disney motion pictures and comics! Find everything you need about the world-famous amusement park in Paris in the Disneyland guide.


  • Parc Asterix
    This is another of the most famous theme parks in Paris. Asterix Park is based on the comic book series Asterix. The park dedicated to it is huge and rich in crazy rides and roller coasters! The funny plus is that you can eat theme-park food! Find out more about Parc Asterix here.

asterix park paris maps


  • Sherwood theme Park
    The Sherwood Park in Paris neighborhoods is themed on the famous forest where the magic happens. In this park, you can find trees to climb and many activities for people of all ages. You can jump on the inflatable playground or you can ride a pony! In this amusement park, there is a laser ball too. It is open seasonally so always check if it is the right day or not!


sherwood parc


  • Jardin d’Acclimatation steampunk theme park
    Jardin d’Acclimatation is one of my favorite parks in Paris. I think is a great place to be if you are in Paris with kids. But, it might be an interesting adventure for adults interested in theme parks too! That is because everything is designed in a steampunk style.




jardin d'acclimatation paris


  • France Miniature
    The France theme park in Paris is a really special attraction. It is in Paris neighborhoods, 20 minutes away from Porte d’Auteuil. It is a place where you can admire many attractions of France in miniature! Going to France Miniature is a great way to learn something about France while having fun.


france miniature


Paris theme parks events in 2020

If you are seeking for the 2020 events in theme parks in Paris, here what you have to note down in your agenda!


  •  Star Wars in Paris
    If you go to Paris in 2020, you have time until March 15 to join parades, shows, and meetings with the characters of the Star Wars saga! Disneyland Paris will celebrate the return of this so much loved saga from January to March.


  • Disneyland goes Frozen
    Until May 3, 2020, you can visit Disneyland from a totally different point of view! This year, Disneyland Paris propose a restyle of some areas in a Frozen style. The famous characters will be around the theme park until Spring. This theme park event in Paris in 2020 is a trial of the huge themed area that will be dedicated to Frozen by 2025 at Walt Disney Studios. It is a great chance to have anticipations about it!


  • La Foire du Trone, Fairground Festival
    The Foire du Trone is the biggest fairground Festival in Paris and France! If you do love amusement parks, you can’t miss the chance to choose among 350 attractions, rides, and rollercoasters of all kinds. You have time from March 27 to May 24, 2020. Also, this is perfect for who love theme parks, since almost everything is designed in a 957 A.D. historic theme!


  • Fede des Loges
    The Fete des Loges is a huge party dedicated to children, and enjoyed by adults too! It lasts all summer, from June 26 to August 16, 2020. It is in the very heart of Saint-Germain-en-Laye forest: this means that going to this park is the chance to visit a commonly unknown area close to Paris. Also, you will have to choose among 200 attractions!!!


  • Futuroscope
    If you would like to take a glance at the future, you definitely need to go to Futuroscope! It is the huge theme park in Paris dedicated to the hypothetical futures. Going there, from April 2020, you will visit Futuropolis, the kid’s city of the future, and other attractions future-themed.


  • Parc du Petit Prince
    The theme park dedicated to the famous novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is between Colmar and Mulhouse. Even if it is far from Paris, it is the place to go for who is in love with the Petit Prince. It is a brand-new theme park: this year it will celebrate its 5th anniversary. If you would like to join the party, I suggest going there on April 20, 2020.


While planning your stay in Paris, take a look at events in Paris in 2020!