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Best Books for Children and Kids about Paris, Cartoons and Toys

If you are coming to Paris with your family or with kids and children, I suggest preparing them with books, and cartoons Paris-themed!
Since there are so many books and movies about Paris, you might feel lost in looking for some specific ones. Here is a list of the best books for children about Paris. Plus, you will find selected movies about Paris for children and kids. As you will see, in both cases there are some products that are good for a certain age, and others that are better for teen-agers. I have to admit that books and cartoons are lovely and relaxing to read or watch at any age, anyway!



Selected books for children about Paris

claris mouse children book paris
As I said, finding a book about Paris designed for children is easy but since they are a lot, it is good to have a list of the very selected ones to consult. The first book I recommend is “Claris, The Chicest Mouse in Paris“. It is a book of the Claris Collection, a book series about a funny mouse, Claris. What is special about this book for children about Paris, is that Claris is always very fashionable, even if she is a mouse! Maybe, that is because the author of this work is Megan Hess, a fashion editor.

Pretty minnie paris books for childrenAnother animal fashion character whose adventures became a book is Pretty Minnie. Pretty Minnie is the Chihuahua of the bestselling writer Danielle Steel! Her dog is the protagonist of “Pretty Minnie in Paris“, with the illustration by Kristi Vallant. Pretty Minnie lives lots of adventures in Paris, always with a happy ending. What is so special about this book is that Pretty Minnie is a fashionista!

pussy cat paris children bookPussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where Have You Been? I’ve Been to Paris and Guess What I’ve Seen… has what it needs to become a classic in the books about Paris for children category. That is because its main character, a cat, goes to all the main attractions in Paris! Children and kids can follow the cat on the top of the Eiffel Tower, in some rooms of the Louvre Museum, in a cruise on the Seine. Even the youngest will learn something about the main features of Paris in advance!



Best Books for kids about Paris

kids travel guide parisIf you would like to include your kids in your Paris travel planning programs, the best advice to follow is to give them a Kids travel guide of Paris. This way, they will tell you what they would really like to see, and you won’t waste your time seeing attractions with long faces around. What is so good about this kids’ guide of Paris is that it tells information to have both a general idea of France and of the characteristics of Paris.


book children kids thea stilton parisOne of the most loved characters of children and kids literature is Geronimo Stilton. This famous mouse is the protagonist of many book series about his adventures all over the world. Plus, he often solves mysteries! Thea Stilton and the Mystery in Paris is a book about an adventure lived by the sister of Geronimo Stilton, Thea. Young readers will follow Thea in fashion designer ateliers!

under cover kids book paris


Model Under Cover is another great book for kids about Paris that links fashion with crimes. It is a book about an adventure of Axelle Anderson, “Model Under Cover” a very fashion detective who must look for the vanished designer Belle La Lune. Since it is a bit long, I would recommend this book to kids who already love reading.



Cartoons about Paris

aristocatsMore than books, cartoons about Paris really are for all members of the family. Plus, they are appreciated by people of all ages. There are many movies you can watch with children and kids before coming to Paris, to prepare them and shake their enthusiasm. The first of these surely is The Aristocats. The plot is about the adventures of a family of cats that explore part of the city and French countryside too.

hunchback of notre dameThe Hunchback of Notre Dame is the world-famous cartoon inspired by Victor Hugo’s classic novel. The cartoon is about the adventures of Quasimodo, the bell ringer of Notre Dame. But, the plot mix many lives together. What is special about this movie for children and kids about Paris is that it is rich in songs!



Ratatouille is a must-watch for children and kids that are coming to Paris! It is a motion picture about Remy, a young rat that wants to become a renowned French chef. Remy, along with his family and friends, shows Paris from his brand new perspective!




Toys about Paris

puzzle parisIf you are looking for something that can make you focus on what you will surely see in Paris, you can consider the idea of buying some Paris-themed toys! Puzzles usually involve all members of a family, and they are good for people of all ages. Paris puzzle always pictures at least the Eiffel Tower and what surrounds her. Something you will surely see once you are in Paris!

lego architecture paris

Another toy I recommend is the Paris Lego Architecture Skyline Collection! You will build with your hand tiny versions of the Paris skyline, provided with the main attractions. Just think you will build the Arc de Triomphe!


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