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The 3 best books to learn French quickly

Whether you want to learn the French language for travel or you just love the French accent, you can do learn French quickly and from home very easily!

The easiest way to learn French is always starting from the basics and from practical situations and then deepen your knowledge by learning grammar and improving yourself.

How hard is it to learn French? If you buy the right book or ebook for you, stream online French shows and watching DVDs to ideally train with mother-tongues, you will love the learning process and you won’t struggle too much!

The easiest way to learn the French language is don’t losing your passion for it. Since nowadays is not always possible to join classes and courses, beginners can surely approach the study of French also by self-teaching themselves!

On the net, you will surely find many pieces of advice about the best app to learn French, or stuff like the best podcast to master a language in 30 days. It is true: you can try to learn French online for free. But, even if you decide to do so, you may need a guide to consult to verify if what you understood it’s true. That is why I have decided to look for the best 3 self-teaching book to learn french quickly.


Are you ready to learn French by yourself?


French language quickly, the best self-teaching books


  • Practice Makes Perfect, French All-in-One
    practice makes perfect book frenchEven if a French textbook is the most traditional way to learn a language, some books are still way better than online courses!
    The Practice Makes Perfect series books are a landmark for who wants to learn French. That is because the Practice Makes Perfect Complete French All-in-One contains a complete french grammar and basic french advice. The real plus is the french conversation chapter, the french sentence builder, and french verb tenses. Through 37 lessons and more than 500 exercises, you will surely learn something. This method is complete because even if there is no interaction, you can still download their app with listening and speaking exercises.



  • French For Dummies
    french for dummies book learn french quicklyThis is the perfect book for those who would like to learn the basics of the French language. But, this is for those who would like to know more than the essentials to survive in Paris and in France! In “French for Dummies“, the approach to France is very easy, as all the books of this series. There is an audio CD to improve your accent and your comprehension. Through this book you should improve speaking, reading, writing and listening! The real plus is that it also includes some chapters dedicated to French Canadians.




  • Complete French Beginner to Intermediate Course
    complete french bookAmong the best self-teaching books for French, there surely is the Complete French Beginner to Intermediate Course. As you can guess by its title, you can even reach an intermediate level by yourself! By using this book and its 2 audio CDs. Also, you can also op to complete your purchase by joining an online course linked to the book. This methodology aims to make you discover the rules of the French language on your own. That, in order to learn better.