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The best classes to learn French from home

If you are looking for how to learn French from home, here is the list of the bests online courses. You can take most of them for free!
When you want to learn a language from home, it might be tricky to choose among all the activities you can do to make it happen. You can read a book in the language you would like to improve, you can see movies, or watch tutorials.

But, if you would like to count on planning, the best thing you can do to learn French from home is to attend an online class.
Here are some of the bests!


Tu parles déjà français?!


Free online classes to learn French from home

  • Duolingo offers many French language free courses to learn French in 5 minutes a day! It is the perfect free online course to learn French very quickly. Also, it is good for those who would like to improve their skills. On Duolingo, there are so many types of lessons. You can choose to learn or improve your speaking, writing, and reading of French! Some of them are even designed as a game!


  • The French language courses on Udemy are divided for levels. Also, through Udemy you can choose among free and 30-day money-back guarantee courses. From the basics, such as how to introduce yourself and basics to speak, you can also attend classes on French Grammar and on the most common French words and must-knows! You can also choose to follow the lessons using the site’s app.


  • If you are interested in learning French at an intermediate level, choose the B1-B2 French-language classes on Coursera! It is perfect for those who are coming to France for leisure and for who is planning to study in Paris!
    Coursera offers French language online classes that make you learn French through texts, films, and videos. I love that this course is interactive! You can discuss with the others, and get assignments and quizzes that really improve your language. The tutors of my favorite course are Olivier Bertrand, Isabelle Schaffner, and Julie Andre.


  • In looking on information about how to learn French from home, you might already meet about Babbel. If you did not already try it because you are skeptical of what is popular, you should give it a chance! Free Babbel French online classes are for every interest and level.
    You can choose among free courses, and classes through you can obtain a certification. Also, Babbel is like a sure social to improve what you are learning with mother tongues. Just think that you can learn and improve your French from home by interacting and talking with native speakers!


  • The French Experiment free online courses are some of the most popular ways to learn French from home. That is because you can access online audio lessons that are very good to learn new words and improve your pronunciation. Plus, the instructors and tutors help you to understand what you can’t figure out on your own.
    Another great plus of the French Experiment is that you can comprehend which are the differences between English and French.
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