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The best food to taste in Paris in Winter

Which is the best food to taste in Paris in Winter? As you may already have guessed, you have many options! Among pastries, bread, and chocolates, Paris offers lots of foods that are perfect to taste in Winter.


What to eat in Paris in Winter

  • onion soup parisOnion soup
    Even if the French Onion Soup is something you must try if you come to France, it is the perfect dish to taste in Winter. Besides being one of the most traditional recipes of French cuisine, it is a simple but tasty dish that I suggest eating at La Jacobine, and at Les Philosophes.



cheese paris

  • Cheese
    If you do love cheese, go to Laurent Dubois! It is one of the finest fromageries in Paris, a place where you can really get to know the cheese better. Their consultants can give advice on what to taste, how to pair cheese with a wine properly, and which is the cheese to buy as a souvenir!




  • bread Bread & Pastries
    If you are in Paris in Winter, you will surely burn lots of calories! That is because the city is very cold, and because in Paris you usually walk a lot even moving around by metro. Every snack is an occasion to taste some of the best Parisian foods, such as bread and pastries. I suggest tasting at least a baguette, and a pain au chocolat. You will see lots of typical boulangerie (bread shops) and bakeries (known as Patisserie). My suggestion is to go to Eric Kayser’s.



paris food winter

  • Chocolate
    If you think of the French cuisine, you immediately imagine omelettes, baguettes, crepes. But, in Paris, you can also taste some of the best chocolate in the world! Franck Kestener, and Patrick Roger are just some of the landmarks to taste the finest chocolate in Paris. Among chocolates, candies, and sweets of all types filled with chocolate, I suggest tasting hot chocolate as well!