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Unconventional shops in Paris

shops parisHere are 3 of the most unconventional shops where you can go shopping in Paris and get some deals!


Kilo Shop

Even if Kilo Shop is the name of a chain present in many countries, this is one of the most unconventional shops in Paris where you can go shopping.
As you may have already guessed, at the Kilo shop you can only buy by weight. After collecting the t-shirts, bags, shoes, necklaces, and scarves that you like, you can weigh them to know their value.

Prices may vary from 10 euros to 30 euros per kilo, depending on what you choose. You can find second-hand stuff or vintage clothes, and the price depends on this. Keep always an eye on the official website to access special discounts.

If you would like to go to Kilo shops in Paris, go to the one in the Latin Quarter, on Boulevard Saint-Germain, or to the other on Rue de la Verriere.



The shop of E. Dehillerin is famous all over the world because it seels the must-have for who loves to cook.
Whether your kitchen is shabby chic or in a modern style, you can buy here kitchen utensils in bronze, steel, aluminum. You can choose the materials and colors you love the most to make your cooking experience unique! Besides small utensils, this shop sells pots and pans as well. This shop is on rue Coquillière.


All Access

I know, Paris may not seem the city where you can get the best deals when coming to records. But, you can give this city a try by going to All Access. It is a landmark for those who love music records that usually are too hard to find. All Access shop is in rue Brochant. What is special about this place also is the small auditorium inside, where you can listen to live music!