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Vrbo, Booking, and Airbnb COVID-19 measures

Considering that all the world is fighting against the COVID-19 spreading, the main short rentals websites are applying measures.

Vrbo, Booking, and Airbnb measures for Coronavirus are about the cancellation policy, and measures to prevent COVID-19 spreading.

The most important information is that people can change or cancel their reservations without any restrictions, and without losing money, if they have booked their accommodation before March 14, 2020.

Also, Vrbo and Airnbn provide pieces of advice about trip insurance for future trips. Plus, they recommend considering to book for places that are close to home, since the current pandemic situation is unpredictable. Anyway, measures are not only for guests! Hosts need to be posted too.


COVID-19 measures for guests

All the guests that have booked accommodation through Booking, Vrbo, or Airbnb, must follow the travelling measures of their home country and of their destination. Everyone who is coming to Paris and France undergoes a screening test to prevent COVID-19 spreading.

For what concerns the reservations, you can still cancel them for free if you have booked a short rental accommodation before March 14, 2020.

VRBO and Airbnb, along with give the possibility to convert the reservation in a voucher or postpone it without penalties. Since nobody is responsible for the pandemic situation,  Companies are trying to allow changing of the reservation without extra costs.


COVID-19 measures for hosts

Vrbo, Airbnb and customer cares are doing their best to help hosts too.

First of all, if someone cancels a reservation by now, there are no penalties on the property. The score on the site will remain the same. Given the difficult situation for who works in the tourism business, these companies are cancelling many extra costs.

Speaking of the reopening of a short term apartment, all the sites are publishing many recommendations. Most of them are about hygiene measures. The guidelines are about sanitizing every corner of apartments and accommodations. The usual cleaning is not as efficient as disinfection.


Applying the measures we can defeat the virus spreading!