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What to buy in Paris, non-touristic souvenirs

Collect ideas about what to buy in Paris. Surprise your dearests taking home non-touristic souvenirs! It doesn’t take much effort to bring home something unique and Parisian 100%. Here are some ideas about what to buy in Paris for you and your friends!


What to buy in Paris

  • Cheese
    If you would like to buy unconventional souvenirs but still something typical and local, buy some Roblochon cheese! You won’t have any trouble taking it home. Also, if you come from the US, you will finally taste cheese made of raw milk, banned in your Country.


  • Home decor stuff
    Good architecture hides in the details. That is why buying a piece of cloth or a pillowcase may be unique souvenirs from Paris. I would buy something for a home in Le Marais, one of my favorite districts in Paris.


  • Books or comics
    Even if you don’t understand French, buying French books or comics, especially at kiosks along the river banks, is the best to take a small souvenir from Paris at home. You’ll be sure it is 100% French!


  • Prints
    I love it when you don’t have to struggle to take your souvenirs home. While foods may be sequestered at the airport and clothes may take too much space in your luggage, prints and postcards are slim enough to don’t cause problems.


  • French chocolate
    Do you remember that world-famous movie named Chocolat? It is one of the ways through which you can know Paris as the city of chocolates. If you would like to buy some chocolate for your dearests, go to the Maison Pralus!


  • French Wine
    French wine is famous all over the world for its wines too. A very special non-touristic souvenir is a bottle of wine. To be sure of taking it home, buy it after checking-in at the airport!