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Where to eat vegan and vegetarian in Paris

Find out which are the best places to eat vegan and vegetarian in Paris at low prices.


Where to eat vegetarian in Paris?

  • Le Potager du Marais
    If you are looking for vegan, strictly organic, and natural cuisine, you should definitely go eating at Le Potager du Marais. It is a small restaurant with a lively atmosphere and a good staff. This vegetarian restaurant in Paris offers traditional French cuisine revisited in a vegan version. They pay attention to everything: products exclusively are from organic farming. This restaurant also offers gluten-free dishes. What to eat? Try the onion soup or the walnut spinach lasagna with melted vegan cheese!
    Le Potager du Marais is at Rue Rambuteau 24, not so far from the Centre Pompidou. The closest metro station is Rambuteu.



  • HANK Vegan Burger
    You can eat great vegetarian and vegan street food in Paris. Hank Vegan Borger sells all burgers and desserts without animal proteins among their ingredients. HANK stands for Have A Nice Karma, an ethos that is at the heart of the gastronomic values ​​of this type of fast food. What to eat here? The hamburger with BBQ sauce and marinated peppers or the Tata Monique hamburger with tomato and basil sauce and chopped black olive. HANK Vegan Burger is in rue des Archives 55, and in Rue de Rochechouart.



  • Saveurs Veget’Halles
    The name of this vegetarian restaurant in Paris literally means”vegetable flavors”. Its name is a pun on Les Halles, a district of the city. This place is located close to the Louvre and to the Pompidou Centre. It is famous because it sells good vegan and vegetarian food at low prices. The Végét’Halles omelet with spinach and mushrooms is a must-try! Saveurs Veget’Halles is at 41 Rue des Bourdonnais. The closest metro station is Les Halles.