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Arrondissement 10, lively places and cuisines

arrondissement 10Arrondissement 10 is huge! It is full of attractions in Paris too. Here you will find some information about the most important ones. Plus, after reading this, you will have an idea of what you can do in this area.

Above all, it is very useful to know that in arrondissement 10 you can take advantage of two very important stations. Gare de Paris Est and Gare de Paris Nord. This last one is one of the most important in Paris. Then, if you are interested in Passages, the glass and steel coverages, here you will find the Brady and the Prado ones.

The most important boulevards of arrondissement 10 are Place de la République (is a square), Magenta, Chapelle, Faubourg – Poissonnière, Colonel – Fabien, Strasbourg.

The districts of the tenth arrondissement of Paris are Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Porte-Saint-Denis, Porte-Saint Martin, Hopital-Saint-Louis. 

“Porte” stands for “door” in French. Some of these doors used to access gate to the city.

Arrondissement 10, Canal Saint-Martin and metro stations

Ask someone where is the most lively area in arrondissement 10. He or she will surely answer something about Canal Saint-Martin! It is an area where you can meet people or go cycling.

In Canal Saint-Martin you can see also lots of shabby-chic cafès. One of the most famous is Chez Prune. Canal Saint-Martin is about 4 km long. After that, there is Canal de l’Ourcq, where people go to do aquatic sports.

If you want to go to Canal Saint-Martin by metro get off at République.

If you want to know more about Canal St.Martin, join this free virtual tour!

Barbès – Rochechouart, Belleville and Bonne Nouvelle are important metro stations of this area. Chateau d’Eau, Chateau – Landon, Colonel Fabien, and Goncourt are to remember too!

Jaques Bonsergent, Jaures, La Chapelle, Louis Blanc, and Poissonniere are to note down when visiting arrondissement X. This also for Stalingrad, and Strasbourg – Saint-Denis.

As I mentioned, Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord are the most important ones.arrondissement 10

Arrondissement 10, to eat variously!

If you want to eat something unconventional for you, go to arrondissement 10!

Here you will find lots of different places to choose from. For instance, Sri Lankan-cuisine bitter zucchini, Pakistan-style mangoes, basmati rice from Madras, smoking dishes of tikka masala. These are just some of the variety of cuisines you might want to taste there!

If you can give me more advice about that, please comment!

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