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Arrondissement 9, what to do and accommodations

The arrondissement 9 of Paris is to visit for many reasons. Above all, here you see where the first movie was projected.

This arrondissement is the same were used to dance La Goule, a “can can” dancer portraited by Tolouse-Lautrec.

This area of the city is famous for the Casino de Paris and for concert houses and theatres too. For instance, think about Opera Garnier!

If you are interested in visiting this area, I suggest to take the metro and get off at Opera station.

Isn’t that enough for you? Consider that in arrondissement 9 you can visit lots of elegant shopping galleries and the red lights districts of Paris.

Go to Capucines 14, where Lumiere brothers projected
their famous first film!


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Arrondissement 9, districts and metro stations

When you go to the arrondissement 9 of Paris, remember that its districts are Saint-Georges, Chaussée-d’Antin, Faubourg-Montmartre, and Rochechouart.

The metro stations of this arrondissement are a lot. Anvers, Barbés – Rochechouart, Blanche, Bonne Nouvelle. Cadet, Chausée d’Antin – La Fayette and Grand Boulevards to begin. Havre, Le Peletier, Liége, Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. Opéra, Pigalle, Place de Clichy are usefull too. Then there are Poissonnière, Richelieu – Drouot. Don’t forget Saint – Georges, Saint-Lazare, Trinité – d’Estienne d’Ovres.



Arrondissement 9 and its contradictions

Arrondissement 9 is complex because of its contradictions.

In its south, you walk in boulevards that very elegant and prestigious. In Pigalle, in the north of the ninth arrondissement, you go to the red lights area.

Nowadays, the red light district is way more popular and crowded. That, because of cafès and boutiques of young stylists.

Le Bon George and Le Compagnie du Cafè are some of the most recommended cafès. When you go to arrondissement IX you will see lots of traditional and typical French places to go.



Arrondissement 9 views and shopping areas

Thinking about arrondissement 9, I really love the Nouvelle Athènes districts.

Arrondissement 9 is where you can contemplate beauty.

If you want to enjoy some typical French views, get off at the Saint-Georges metro station.

However, for those who love shopping, I suggest to get off at Grands Boulevards or Chaussée d’Antin. This way you can go to the LaFayette magazines.


Accommodations in Arrondissement 9

This area of Paris is perfect for people who love to be in lively places, and also love the nightlife!


Apartment near the Moulin RougeIf you would like to stay close to the world-famous Moulin Rouge, take a look at the apartment near the Moulin Rouge! Note that it is for over 25 only.




short rentals apartmentThe accommodation to book if you are a family of adults, or a bunch of friends, surely is the short rental at Moulin Rouge. It is super-central!




luxury rental apartmentParis is the perfect city to plan a luxury holiday. In cases like that, there’s a need for luxury accommodation! If you would like to stay in this arrondissement, I would give a chance to the luxury rental apartment in arrondissement 9.



arrondissement 9 maps

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