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Behind French cuisine

french food punsThe dishes of French cuisine are famous all over the world. When coming to the culture behind French cuisine, the information is few. Here are some fun facts about French cuisine!


3 fun facts about French cuisine

  • The method of preserving food with an airtight closure is due to Napoleon Bonaparte who wanted to ensure food for his soldiers. The invention by Nicolas François Appert stand out during the competition specially organized for this target.


  • Napoleon’s minister had well thought of exploiting the weakness of men at the table, bringing with him to the Congress of Vienna a great cook, Antoine Carême. In 1814, Napoleon has been defeated and it is necessary to decide how to rebuild Europe.
    Actually, the great powers of the time had very clear ideas, and the minister succeeded in making all the pacts made against France dissolve. With such a coveted chef with him, his dinners were the most sought after, with exquisite banquets that always surprised the guests. It is said of a lunch in which Talleyrand cooked two big salmon, the guests were amazed by this dish, arrived directly from the Rhine. At the indication of the host, a waiter pretended to stumble and dropped the whole dish with the salmon. The guests were astonished and a bit disappointed by this waste of precious food.
    The minister simply exclaimed “bring another one”, just to amaze his guests. Applying this strategy, he succeeded in his intent, and the Congress of Vienna ended with the annulment of the restrictions for France.


  • The appetite of Louis XVI is still something French people talk about when coming to fun facts about cuisine. He used to wake up at 6 o’clock for his peculiar breakfast. The first meal of the day always was four pork chops, five eggs, and ham. And don’t forget the champagne!