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French Easter expressions: surprise your friends!

happy easter 2019If you are spending Easter in Paris, you might want to know how to say your wish properly. Here you will find some expressions that are useful during Easter. You will find out that others are useful in the rest of the year too!

  • Joyeuses Pâques!
    It literally means “Happy Easter”. It’s the perfect way to wish Happy Easter even if you do not know very well the people you are talking to.
  • Attendez que les cloches sonnent
    It means “Wait for the thing to sound” and it is referred to the bells. It is an original way to wish happy Easter in French!
  • Partir à la chasse aux œufs
    This sentence refers to the egg hunting! If you listen it, pay attention to where you put your feet!
  • Tout le monde mange les œufs en chocolat
    This means that everyone eats chocolate eggs. Here I tell you where to go to find the best chocolateries!
  • Gigot d’agneau
    In many European countries, the Easter tradition is to eat lamb with potatoes or veggies. That’s how you can recognize that in the place you want to eat are cooking this recipe too.
  • Se faire poissonnier la veille de Pâques
    This is something that you can hear in any time of the year. That is because it means that it is the wost time to do something!
  • À Pâques ou à la Trinité
    Even if Paques stands for Easter, when you listen this sentence you have to know that it could be referred to anything! In fact, it means that something is never going to happen.
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