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Eat in Paris with 10 euros

great pictures in paris eatFind out where to go to eat a high-quality meal in Paris spending 10 euros.

Here is the list of addresses to consult if you are willing to eat in Paris spending 10 euros or less.

I know, it seems impossible. Paris is known all over the world for being one of the most expensive cities. But, if you pay attention, there are many places that let you live in the city comfortably even if you are on a budget.

Here is where to go to eat in Paris spending 10 euros.


Eating with 10 euros in Paris

  • Au Petit Bistrot, arrondissement 5
    This bistro is the perfect excuse to go to the Latin Quarter, one of the most lively areas in Paris. Here you can taste simple traditional cuisine. I suggest going for the herring fillet with seamed apples, and tomatoes in lamb cheese with basil vinaigrette. The address of the Petit Bistrot is 89 Rue Mouffetard.


  • Le Café de l’Archipel, arrondissement 8
    If you are looking for a place with essential furniture in recycled wood, go to the Café de l’Archipel! All products are 100% fresh and produced in the Paris region. The menu changes daily. I suggest the lamb stew with vegetables. It is open for lunch.
    Note down this address: 26 bis rue de Saint-Pétersbourg.


  • Le Bistro des Galopins, arrondissement 9
    This is the perfect place to understand which is the atmosphere of a traditional Parisian bistro. This one has remained almost the same since 1923! Here, I suggest lentil soup and salad, ricotta and spinach tortellini with tomato sauce, and for dessert apple pie, or apple crumble. Here you can choose between the breakfast formula (starter + plate + dessert €9.90) and the dinner one (starter + plate or plate + dessert 13 €). The address is 66, rue de Clichy