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Why staying in a houseboat in Paris?

Why choosing a houseboat as an accommodation?

Living your holiday from a houseboat means choosing to live an adventure without giving up all the comforts of the regular accommodation such as short rental apartments.

Personally, I really like houseboats that are very personalized. You will see that in Paris Rent Apartments you will find only the most whimsical ones. Plus, I think that even if I don’t like cruises a lot, I do like spending time in a very luxury boat. Lots of people choose this solution to explore the city they love. You can live in a houseboat during a stay in every period of the year or you can choose a special holiday to live this experience!

Just think about admiring the fireworks for the New Year’s Eve or for the Independent Day from a houseboat! The view would be the most unique.

But now, let’s talk about why choosing houseboats as your accommodation in Paris.


A Houseboat in Paris: why?

There are many elements that could make you choose a houseboat as accommodation in Paris.

First of all, this may be surprising to you but houseboats are very refined! This is because owners and property managers learned to know the potentialities of this type of accommodation. Houseboats in Paris means that you are living on the Seine. It is the river that crosses the city so it is very sure that you will be in the center! In Paris, you can choose houseboats that are within walking distance from the most central attractions and landmarks.

You also have to know what to make houseboats even more unique, owners hired architects and designers that made every corner of these accommodations perfectly designed and thought for the luxurious life. Every space is super accurate. It is very interesting to see how everything you need can be re-sized for houseboats.

An element that can be denied is that you can stay in houseboats only during Summer. Wrong!!! Nowadays, houseboats are fully equipped for every season. You can be sure to stay very warm during Winter, even if you are living on a river. Also, note that you can choose from a houseboat that is actual a docked boat and floating houses. I think that if you want to live an adventure like this, you should totally opt for a houseboat that is an actual boat!


The real PLUS of some houseboats?
If you have the proper license,
you can even use it to move around!


Traditional Houseboat in Paris

traditional houseboatThis traditional houseboat is docked close to two architecture masterpieces of Paris. Pont Neuf and Pont des Arts. These are two of the most famous bridges in the city! This means that from this houseboat you can be sure that you will have the chance to admire striking views of Paris.

This type of accommodation is perfect for those who like wide spaces.  Actually, this might be considered as a family flat for rent that comes with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms! It is the perfect accommodation for a family. In addition, I have to say that it is perfect also for a group of adults who want to live in Paris as an adventure without giving up comforts. Plus, the 3 bathrooms make sure that everyone has enough time and privacy to get ready during mornings!

What I like about the traditional houseboat is that the design is very refined. Everything gives you a sense of coziness and warmth. For example old books, crystal glasses, and wood furniture. These are the perfect mix to make you relax just by sitting in the living room.


Why staying between two bridges?


As I mentioned, the traditional houseboat is docked close to Pont Neuf. Living here, you will be very close to the Islands of the city too. Ile de la Cité and Ile Saint Louis are landmarks of Paris. Living here you will live at walking distance from the islands and from many other attractions.

Pont Neuf is very close to many hotels in the city. In Paris, Hotels are historical palaces, architecture masterpieces! Plus, the traditional houseboat is close to metro stations such as Cité and Saint-Michel.

If you want to know in which arrondissement you will be by choosing this accommodation, just note down that you would be in the arrondissement 4.


Pro 🙂 : You can live in comfortable accommodation even if it is a boat.

Con 😕 : You might have troubles if you are not used to living in wide spaces.


Houseboat in Champs Elysees

The houseboat in Champs Elysees is one of the most peculiar accommodation you will find on Paris Rent Apartments. Actually, I recommend this type of accommodation to groups of people who want to live an adventure in the center of Paris.

houseboat in champs elyseesLiving in a houseboat in Champs Elysees can be an adventure because it is not very common living on a boat. Especially during the holidays! This one is one of the most luxurious in Paris. So if you choose to stay here you will live in a fully equipped space. It has for sure every comfort you could need. Plus, all the rooms are very modern.


The houseboat in Champs Elysees is huge! There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This means that even if you are in 6 people, you should not have any trouble when you need to get ready in the morning. What I like about this houseboat is that it is very colorful and full of light! Even though the boat is usually long and with few windows, in this boat, you will live the daylight. That’s because there are many skylights.


Find out what’s so special about staying close to
Champs Elysees!


If you choose to stay in Paris in a houseboat in Champs Elysees, you will live the city from its center. In fact, You will stay in the arrondissement 1, the ones with attractions such as the Champs Elysees and the Louvre Museum. Plus, you will be at walking distance from other important arrondissements, just like the no. 7 and 8. You will be very close to wide parks, important historical Palaces and to many metro stations.

Another one of the things that I like the most about living in a houseboat is that you are close to many masterpieces of great Parisian architecture: bridges! When you are on board, just take a look at the great beauty of these architectures. By staying in this type of accommodation for short rentals in Paris, you will enjoy great views day by day.


Pro 🙂 : You will stay in the heart of Paris. Plus, there is a lot of natural light!

Con 😕 : This is not the place for you if you suffer seasickness, obviously!


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