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How to dress in Paris in May

May 1 lily valleyThe weather in May 2022 is fantastic! Here is how to dress in Paris in May, and what to put in your luggage if you are coming to Paris this month.


Prepare to admire the city under the most romantic lights! Even if the weather is not the warmest, during these months Paris becomes more beautiful day by day.


The weather in May is good but still changeable. Sometimes you may struggle to figure out what to wear. That’s why the first tip about what to wear in Paris in May is dressing in layers.


There is much to know, and that’s why I collected my essentials about how to dress in Paris in Spring.


What to wear in Paris in May

how to dress in paris in fallHere are the key elements of your suitcase to Paris in May. Keep in mind that layering will be essential in your outfits. The theater in Paris is changeable every day. The umbrella is a must, ├ža va sans dire.

What else putting in your luggage?

2 or 3 t-shirts; 3 long-sleeve tops; and 2 additional tops.
2 or 3 pairs of jeans or trousers.
1 dress or outfit for special occasions;
A raincoat or a trench;
A pair of waterproof sneakers.


Parisian outfits in Spring

Parisian fashion trends for Spring 2022 include light shades for the top of your outfit. Jeans or black trousers are ok. The element you can’t miss is a black or brown coat. You may already know it if you are into Parisian fashion style: a beautiful scarf is a must-have as well. Last but not least, if you have any doubts when choosing shoes, go for boots!

The perfect Parisian outfit for Spring includes a t-shirt, a hoodie, or another layer for the top, jeans, boots or sneakers, and a coat.