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Paris for Students, tips

If you want to study in Paris, you have some information to collect. I think that deciding to experience Paris for students is a good idea. Whether if you are in high school or you are joining an Erasmus Program or alike projects, you can take to take your time to know Parisians and French culture.


I have to say that Paris is a very specific city. If you decide to come to Paris for studying, it’s not the same that to be in other parts of France. When you choose a Paris study abroad program, you decide to be in one of the most famous cities in the world with all its difficulties and, of course, qualities! You won’t ever get bored in Paris and you will take advantage of studying in some of the best institutions in the world. Walking in the Latin Quarter still makes you breathe the energy of a University foundation.


Here is the full guide designed for those who want to know more about Paris for students!



Visa for students in Paris


The first thing you need if you want to join the Paris for students experience is how to get a visa for students in Paris. It is a special permission that students get to come to France in total safety and control.


Who needs a student visa?


A French student visa is necessary if you are not an EU national citizen or from the EEA; Switzerland; Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. Let’s see which visa you can get if you are in a different situation.


  • If you won’t study in Paris for more than three months, you can apply for the Schengen student visa. It is for short stays and it is also known as court Sejour pour étude. It is free but it can’t be renewed.


  • When you need to be in Paris just for an entrance exam, you can apply for the visa de court séjour étudiant Concours: it is just a visa for the sitting entrance exam in France. If you do pass the exam, you can get a renewal! It is a double prize, isn’t it?


  • If you are in a study program in France or Paris for up to six months, I recommend applying for a temporary or long-stay visa. It is also known as visa de long séjour temporarily pour études. When six months are not enough, you need to apply for a long-stay visa for students.


You can apply for a visa for students in France through your institution. There, you will surely know all the Paris student visa rules. Also, it is the fastest and easiest way to apply because you can count on other people that should know what they are doing.

If you can’t do so, you should contact the French consulate to get all the papers you need to know what is necessary to submit your request. Since you are dealing with bureaucracy, I strongly recommend don’t send anything on your own! Find the proper office to go to check that everything is okay.


Another advantage of getting a student visa to study in Paris is that you can use it also to find a student job in Paris!
The job for students in Paris works peculiarly. You can get paid for 924 hours of work per year. The number of hours that you can spend working vary from season to season, so be prepared to be more flexible than the expected.


Accommodations for students in Paris

Finding accommodation for students in Paris might be not so simple. That is because not every study program in Paris includes housing services. That is because it is so difficult finding a residence for students in Paris!


If you don’t join a program that includes apartment rentals, you need to look for it on your own. You need to pay attention to the season you pick to come to study in Paris. If you come here during Summer, you will compete with all the tourists that look for accommodation in Summer in Paris too! Even if, to be honest, Paris is so crowded that it is quite the same in the other parts of the year too…


Anyway, if you look for conventions with the universities, you should not have any problems with long term rentals too. But, if it’s not possible to proceed in this way, I suggest considering the opportunity to rent an apartment for students in Paris, better if far from the city center so you won’t spend too much.


If you won’t be in Paris too much, you can consider going to a hostel too. That is because you can take advantage of the halls and living rooms where you can know many people in a “safe” place.


Anyway, since many institutions don’t include accommodation for students in their study abroad programs, I suggest facing this problem as soon as possible.



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Transports for students in Paris

Transports in Paris are part of the everyday life of students in Paris under 26.


If you are looking for a daily ticket that is good for taking the metro, RER, bus, tram and SNCF trains, the Ticket Jeune is the answer. What is not included in the airport transfers and the Seine river cruises. Anyway, it still is a great ticket! It is in known as ticket Jeune and it is valid only on weekends, from 00.00 am to 11.59 pm. The price varies on the zones: it has a cost that varies from 3.94 euros to 8.35.


under 26

Under 26 free entrances and discounts

Another great pass is the Paris Visite for students. It includes many price discounts in many museums too but since you should probably are under 26, if you are a student in Paris, I suggest taking a look at the under 26 free entrance and discounts. You won’t risk paying for something you already have for free!

Anyway, since we are talking about spending a long time in Paris to study, I suggest buying the Paris Navigo. I think it is the best transports pass you can buy in Paris. You can take metros, trains, RER, buses. It doesn’t include airport transfers and cruises too but it still is the best pass.



Students areas in Paris

If you want to go straight to the student areas in Paris, I know which spots you have to note on your map.


  • Montmartre
    Montmartre is always very crowded since it is one of the most beautiful places in Paris. You can also take the Montmartre funicular to admire the view. Anyway, you will find many young people drinking beer on the stairs, chatting. It is the destination to go after a long day of study!


  • South Pigalle
    This is the student area in Paris that is perfect for classy students who already prefer a cocktail in a fancy café than a beer on the stairs. I think that the best thing to do is change from day to day, giving a possibility to both choices!


  • Oberkampf
    This is one of the most lively student districts in Paris. It is so colorful and there you can find many student clubs in Paris too. It is an area for people who want to know more about the world. Try West African restaurants!


  • le marais

    Le Marais

    Haut Marais
    This is a part of my favorite district in Paris, Le Marais! There you can merge yourself in Paris traditions. I always suggest going there but living Le Marais as a student is the best because you are close to the best museums and to the best places where to eat in Paris. What is unique about Le Marais, anyway, is that there you can still find the authentic Parisian atmosphere.


  • Latin Quarter!
    Since the 12th century, this is historically the students’ district of Paris. That is why you need to come to visit it even if you are not a student anymore! It is energizing seeing the Sorbonne College and being where the Ecole Polytechnique was founded!


  • Canal St. Martin
    When I think about student districts in Paris, I always think of Canal St. Martin. That is because, along this canal, I always see many students and young adults enjoying Sunset. It is something very special about Paris. You can live like a local by joining an aperitif along the river.



Students in Paris, Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Paris museums free for students?
    You can find many free things to do in Paris, among museums and other places. Take a look at the museums that are free for under 26 in Paris!


  • Is Paris safe for students?
    Of course, you will immediately find out that in Paris there are controls in every place. That does not mean that you can not pay attention. You always must be very careful!


  • Is Paris good for students?
    Yes, Paris is one of the most stimulating places in the world for students. They can visit lots of museums, seeing pure art learning French.


  • Is Paris expensive for students?
    Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Anyway, you can still go there as a student trying not to spend too much! It is not the city to go if you already know that you are on a budget. The cost of living is high. But, you can try to apply some advice to live in Paris on a low budget!


  • Does Under 26 include 26?
    In many museums, you can enter for free if you are under 26. Since the discount is for under 26 and not “26 and under”, it is good till you don’t celebrate your 26th birthday!
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